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  1. It does seem a step backwards but I prefer it as every schedule I made didn't work. I think this way you're more involved in the training.
  2. Is it just on the pitch stuff or will he be more likely to be a positive influence in tutoring? Like will it say "Player A feels he has learnt a lot from Player B" more often than a low influence player?
  3. I'd play him FB if you worked on his acc/pac otherwise I'd go DM and work on his passing, but his bravery for a DM isn't good.
  4. Will be doing a Genk save after the January transfer update, for Kara.
  5. I've not played it much since the patch as I saw all the complaints, but the few I've played there has been a stupid amount of shots. With 1 side getting almost 40 in each of my games.
  6. Same, I just use my real name. Sometimes though I do make up a name from the country I am managing in if I'm playing as an Italian team or something.
  7. It's a laptop on the HP website, I don't really know anything about computers so can't help you but just letting people know it's not a bad link.
  8. Club: Derby County Budget: £10M Looking for: AML With: Pace, Flair, Dribbling and being able to finish would be nice(Will be playing inside forward) Other: Would like him to be on fairly low wages, don't really want to be paying any more than £25,000 a week and be quite young 20 - 24 Season: 3(2nd season in the Premiership so can attract some decent players) Loyalty Bonus: N/A Agent Fee: N/A Club: Derby County Budget: £7M Looking for: CB With: Tackling, Marking, Heading, Strength, Concentration, Positioning Other: Would like him to be on fairly low wages, don't really want to be paying any more than £25,000 a week and be quite young 20 - 24 Season: 3(2nd season in the Premiership so can attract some decent players) Loyalty Bonus: N/A Agent Fee: N/A
  9. I think he has random attributes though, some of them are quite a bit different on mine, not to mention he's 5'9" even though he's 22 on mine.
  10. I'm bringing some regens in(or trying to) but I didn't see the point in the reserves as none of them players would ever be good enough for my 1st team and they were taking up wages(Probably close to £50,000 between them) and I thought having the U18's play 2 times a week would be too much for them and it'd cause injuries and stuff which would stop their development?
  11. Posting in here for the 1st time, just starting my 2nd season with Liverpool and would like some advice. The 1st season went well, finishing 3rd and winning the FA Cup. These are the transfers from my 1st season. As you can see they're all quite young signings, Lossl was because I sold Doni and Jones so he came in to cover for Reina. Callejon was sent back to Madrid in January as he was awful, Ademilson didn't score a goal for me from January till the end of the season in about 10 games but I'm sure he'll come good. Redmond became my 1st choice RW and the combination of him and Sterling on the wings was devastating at times with Sterling getting 11 goals and 9 assists and Redmond getting 4 goals and 8 assists(in the league alone). Adam Campbell only made a couple of substitute appearances and I'm not expecting him to make an impact for a couple of years yet. Going into my 2nd season I wanted a massive clear-out seeing as Liverpool have so many average players on really high wages, as you can see from the screenshot below though I haven't managed to sell them all. I wanted to get rid of Carroll, Downing, Spearing, Pacheco and a few others too but nobody has come in for them yet. As you can see from that I have got rid of the majority of the reserves(pulled out of the reserve league also) as they're never going to make it here and were just taking up wages. I signed Isco as all last season I played a 433/451/41221(whatever you wanna call it) but I lost Sahin and decided I needed to start scoring more so I have changed it up this season to a 4231 and I'm going to play Isco in the AMC role. The other signing was made by the head of youth development, he's a 5* potential AMR so it's all good. Finally here is my team for the next season. So the advice I would like is, I can get Chamberlain for £16.5M which I thought was a massive bargain but should I? Only thing putting me off is he wants 70K-80K in wages. I'm after a young CB who will be happy to cover for 1 or 2 years till I'm ready to let go of Agger/Skrtel and then they can partner Coates, so any names for that spot would be welcome. Also what else do you guys think I should strengthen, I have £26M and £330,000 in wages left but that will obviously be much higher if I sell Downing, Carroll and Spearing.
  12. OK I haven't really looked up much about FM13 and I got it today so I have some questions that have probably been asked before(22 pages though!) and I apologise for how stupid they will be... The training system... No more schedules? Is there anyway to train a player in a specific way or do you just use the player roles bit and the individual attribute training? Also I tick the box for my assistant to do 'match training' but he still brings it upto me in the news thing and I can still change it on the training bit, if I just leave it all will he do it still or is that part just broke?
  13. So, this is still bugging me, does anyone else have stupidly high 'Non-football costs' or just Spurs?
  14. Yeah, I suppose it could be that kind of thing but it said 'Non-Football Costs' is "Amount of Non-Football staff wages paid out by the club". So the wages thing kind of catches me out.
  15. Yeah, she must be. Anyone else have these rediculously high?
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