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  1. 1992/93 Database - A Personal Goal

    Any chance of you doing a Rangers team mate? We got to the Champions League semi that year and imo should have won it. We were also arguably the best team in Britain then too.
  2. That's a very good record. Are you able to post up a screenshot of his stats?
  3. Im going to start a new game with Craig Whyte as chairman and 10M to spend. Anyone have an idea what the actual club balance should be though?
  4. I have always wondered this too, could anyone from SI tell us?
  5. Will you be creating any Scottish legends?
  6. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    When you edit a stadium, what does the is covered tick box mean?
  7. Anyone think Adriano would be a good signing? Im in first season, early October and he's still on a free.
  8. Just completed up to the first transfer window. Won first three games, top of the league, looking pretty. I will post in more detail with screens at end of January. Cant wait to see how good Ness, Hutton and Wylde are not only in FM12 but in real life, they are the future of our club, fantastic young players, especially Ness imo.
  9. When you use the match preperation and select the three different tactics you want your team to play. Do the Under 18's and reserves learn these as well?
  10. We HAD to do that. Unfortunetly its the 2000 era anymore when we had Murray's millions and Dick Advocaat's players beating teams like a very good PSV side 4-1 raping Bayern Munich on their own ground. We dont have the players for that anymore. Were in debt. The Champions League for us right now is nothing more that a money making competition. Did Man Utd not park the bus against Barcelona a few years ago?
  11. Inspired by yesterday's fantastic cup win over the mhanky mhob, im going to start a new game with The Rangers tonight lads. I have not played as Rangers yet, as i always play this save when the last patch comes out. Has anyone got any tips on formation, players, signings etc?
  12. The ultimate retain players file.

    Does anyone know if this works with latest patch?
  13. old firm in england help

    Really need some help here guys. I moved rangers and them to the championship, but for some reason reserve fixtures appear but there are no under 18's fixtures. The carling cup does not even get played at all by any clubs aswell. Anyone know how to fix it? All i did was swap us and them with Barnet and Cheltenham, then swapped again with i think it was millwall and scunthorpe so we were in the championship. With millwall and scunthorpe in league 1. And Barnet and Cheltenham in spl.
  14. old firm in england help

    Can anyone help me?