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  1. will test this one, tho i have no target boy so i am a bit scared will post feedback after
  2. Hey fuss, im playing with carlshanton (**** team from england, not playable in the beginning (dafuge challenge) and this tactic is pretty decent! i am already promoted to the Championship with average players. What i do tho, is two pacey strikers instead of tall guy + pacey. This works a treat! they run on everything, and score a lot of goals. But i think the defence is a bit weak, esp. the flanks! all the goals I concede are mostly by flank attacks combined with crosses. I am trying to tweak a bit (marking - mentality u know) but this doesnt really work. And I feel that the strikers only go
  3. Hey fuss, nice tactic! one question tho, about the swap positions. do u swap places with the ml-mr and the two strikers or do u swao the ML with the left striker and the MR with the right striker? im confused ty mate
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