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  1. Hi, I have used this one with St. Albans (BSS newly promoted) and got me promoted instantly. Next season I am gonna tweak a bit to suit my players but overall it was very consistent esp @ the back. I preferred having an MC in the AMC spot who could dictate the play. The left and right AMCs were two wingers with pace and scored for fun. I feel the Wingbacks have more to offer though, sometimes they run in the open space all the time and the next game they do nothing at all. Any idea how to change this?
  2. In my game Kettering town relegated from the BSP? They are not a team that match the criteria right?
  3. Thanks for this interesting read, I am going to build my own team also. to hell with plugnplay download tactics
  4. I am using your training schedules, but my players are complaining about the High Training Workload. Is this normal?
  5. will test this one, tho i have no target boy so i am a bit scared will post feedback after
  6. Hey fuss, im playing with carlshanton (**** team from england, not playable in the beginning (dafuge challenge) and this tactic is pretty decent! i am already promoted to the Championship with average players. What i do tho, is two pacey strikers instead of tall guy + pacey. This works a treat! they run on everything, and score a lot of goals. But i think the defence is a bit weak, esp. the flanks! all the goals I concede are mostly by flank attacks combined with crosses. I am trying to tweak a bit (marking - mentality u know) but this doesnt really work. And I feel that the strikers only go for own glory, cuz of the creative freedom u gave em. They dont pass to each other but try to shoot from impossible corners and angles (wich gives some mega goals but not enough goals) I really want to test V2 for my shitty squad, since this is the only tac that got me on 13/15 winning streaks! anyway, good luck with the V2 and Versions to come! Cheers, WillyW
  7. Hey fuss, nice tactic! one question tho, about the swap positions. do u swap places with the ml-mr and the two strikers or do u swao the ML with the left striker and the MR with the right striker? im confused ty mate
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