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  1. I am doing a Leeds save 10 games into season 1. I have most leagues on view only. I decided I would like to make some the view only as playable leagues. Can I change it somehow or do I have to start over. I know there is a add/remove league tab. Example-I have Germany on view only. If go to the add/remove league and add Germany will it conflict or will it change it playable. Just not sure how it works. I would prefer not have to start over.
  2. Is Massimo Cellino as ruthless in the game as he is at Leeds?
  3. Have not played the Beta very far into a season-Waiting for the full release, but in England is the youth intake around March 5th like in FM 15?
  4. I try not to edit too much info, but I will purchase if offered of becoming unfireable because of Massimo Cellino (Leeds).
  5. Is the game being released at 12.01AM UK time? Here in America I'm 6 or 7 hours behind you. So I'm hoping to play when I get off of work.
  6. I just starting playing. season and 1/2 with the Blues. Lost in the round of the playoffs again like in real life. I have not found many issues wrong. This game is awesome. Glad its back.
  7. For Leeds I mentioned in the FM Scout site, I thought Allan Clarke should have been with Leeds & Robbie Keane dropped. Keane was only at Leeds for a short time and left with the Risdale fire sale. Though Clarke started at Fulham, he is Leeds thru and thru.
  8. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could not believe when I saw it on steam. Figured it was some mistake or I was actually in 2007.
  9. I know you try for realism, but please let the chairman in the game be a little more patient in FM 2015. Thanks,:o
  10. |I'm a leeds fan. Lewis Cook needs a big upward adjustment.
  11. Leeds-they have a completely different team, though Cellino will probably fire me the 1st month.
  12. I'm sure its a lot of effort, but Thanks. Going to Steam to get it. Want to play Leeds with all the changes.
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