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  1. I suspect this is SI moving the transfer windows for the first summer only, in line with what happened with the real transfer windows this year. I recall reading something from Miles Jacobson on twitter to say it would revert to normal from season 2.
  2. This is what I had in Serie C - some could trial ahead of joining permanently, others could not. Just a little annoying as you can't start building up match fitness and squad cohesion. I guess it depends on the rules around trialists in Italy, as Sept 1st was the opening of the transfer window this summer so permanent transfers signing then made some sense.
  3. I could get some in on trial, but not others. Will give it another go in Serie C - but agree that survival in the first season could be a real struggle.
  4. I started having a look at the San Marino Calcio in Serie C file that Regista put on the workshop. For me, the available pre-season options were pretty short, and players weren't able to join until Sept 1st so I was playing my first few friendlies with 'greyed' out players who weren't properly signed for the club. Given the level of players I was able to agree contracts with, I think Serie C survival would be very difficult - almost think Serie D (or lower) might provide a better position to build from? What are other people's thoughts?
  5. Not just a case of using Classen's San Marino league file and Regista's San Marino Calcio file to kick off a new save then?
  6. So is it worth having an FM21 San Marino challenge thread? Seems like a few people might be giving this a go - I'm hoping to get my own save up and running over the weekend.
  7. I’m definitely up for it. Think my preference is to use SM Calcio - but probably need one of you knowledgeable people to explain how I can set it up. I usually stick to the leagues in the base game.
  8. Would this be resolved by having lower leagues activated (once they are available)?
  9. Damn - FM21 was going to be the year I finally gave this challenge a go. I hope someone is able to pull together the work required in the editor.
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