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  1. 6-12 months to wait? I have to construct the squad for the season and I hav no time to wait for 6-12 months. 3 months ago he didn't want to talk because my team played in one division lower than his. My team has promoted to his division, but he prolonged his contract at his current club.
  2. When I try to buy a player sometimes he rejects even to start negotiations. Hmm, I am ready to propose him a salary five times higher than he has, but he doesn't want to talk! How to persuade him to start negotiations?
  3. My starting squad has average pace 11,8. My opponent - 9,2. All other average attributes of first squad differ from each other maximum 0,7 points. What tactics should I prefer?
  4. My basic principle of squad building is based on two attributes: pace and determination. I never sign players with determination lower than 12. I never sign wingbacks, wingers and forwards with pace lower than 12. I never sign field players with pace lower than 10.
  5. Positional ability displays the familiarity of the player with the position on the pitch. Role Sutability displays the quality of the set of playing attributes for the role. For example, I have a good heading and jumping, but my school coach put me always at fullback position and I have never played as central defender.
  6. That is what I like FM for. Usually it takes me 3-4 months to develop the best set of tactics. These 3-4 months are very difficult but very interesting.
  7. In my save (25 Apr 2020) David Moyes was sacked from Man Utd on 09 Nov 2013. On 04 Dec 2015 he became a manager of Newcastle Utd and worked there roundly 1 year. He was sacked on 04 Dec 2016. On 16 Dec 2017 he was invited back to Everton, and now he is going 13th in season 2019/20 after 36 weeks.
  8. I spend on holidays 8-10% of my gametime. The main reason is to save the real time in low important periods of game. For example, if I have 4 games in those I need to collect only 4 points, and opponents are not strong I prefer to go on holiday. It will save me an hour of real time. I never holiday in off-season because the main transfer activities occur in this time. Chairman can occassionally sell your best players, some clubs can occassionally release some good players, and you should not loose moment.
  9. In my practice 80% of player have such complaints. Usually I ignore them unless it concerns players those are really vial and indispensable - in order to avoid injuries. Mostly I ignore such complaints and have the advantage in training progress of my players.
  10. Players involved in defensive actions need more solid, confident play, so it is useful to avoid weaker foot for them. Players involved in attacking, creative actions do not need it.
  11. I evaluate how the final score corresponds the shots stats. For example, if my team lost 0:1 while the shots stats look 15(6):2(1) in my favour, so I consider we deserved a win in this game.
  12. In my save Andrew Proctor played 511 games for Accrington Stanley in his carreer, scored 52 goals for the club, and his performance was good enough all this time, but he received only favourite personnel status. He did not become icon or legend.
  13. Accrington Stanley - Season 2019/20 - Npower League 2 GK - Ashley Riley DR - Chris Booth DC - Tim Higgingbotham DC - Jack Wilding © DL - Yado Gallacher MR - Stefan Hammar (SWE) MCd - Libor Koci (CZE) MCa - Chris Tait (SCO) ML - Aaron Cole SC(fast) - Ian Neville SC(complete) - Dean Smith Only one player - Ian Neville - came from the youth system of my club.
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