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  1. STOPPAGE TIME Don't know if anyone else has mentioned this but it did my head in last year and is doing the same this year. 2nd half stoppage time is a joke, there were 6 single subs in my last match and 2 goals and yet only 2 minutes' worth of stoppage time. Sometimes in a 90 mins game you only have 1 minute stoppage time in the second half which is really unrealistic. Other than that the beta is great, nice work
  2. One I would absolutely love to see is a Dugout Camera. If you're a manager you stand in the dugout, you're not watching it on TV. Would be great to get a real manager's perspective IMO. Also, I just don't feel that much of an achievement when I win a trophy. Surely it wouldn't be difficult to set up some sort of Trophy Presentation after the final/league winning game. Would be far more realistic than players just trudging off the pitch. Those are more graphics issues which I know are secondary to the other issues that are on the game such as AI but they have already been discussed at length and I'd say I have nothing to add with regards to them.
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