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  1. Bayern won the league first two seasons in my save but RB Leipzig dominated the third season, clinching the title by thrashing Bayern 3-0 in May. For me, I got my Dynamo Dresden promoted to BL1 at the end of the 2nd season, we were predicted 18th, and that looked spot on until November when we started a 16 game unbeaten run taking us as high as 4th at one point. Of course that was followed by a 6 game winless run though, and a 7th place finish. I somehow got Alex Isak from Dortmund for just £2.3m in the 2nd summer window after he requested a transfer. That and loans of the likes of Angel Gomez and Sheyi Ojo have worked wonders for us. Gedion Zelalem has also been a superb servant, signed for £250k in the first window he has been a first team regular from day one to now, consistently outperforming his 2.5 star rating and becoming a firm fan favourite.
  2. Guendouzi can do a very good job as B2B if you look after him and give him chances. He scores a good number of goals for me too. On another note though, how does anyone beat Spurs in this game? They are ridiculous - they won the CL in my first season, finished a point above me in 2nd and have beaten me easily 3 times in a row.
  3. I’m hardly someone to give advice here (I came because I have the same problem - who doesn’t?) but one extremely simple thing I have found helpful, but which is often forgotten, is to turn off highlights and watch the game live. As those wiser than me have said context is key and there’s no single answer. So watch the game, there’s your context. Are your moves breaking down through rushed passing, or pointless long shots? Then slow down your tempo, work ball into box. Or are you constantly recycling possession or having crosses blocked? Then up tempo, early crosses, more direct passing. I also particularly like to give my fullbacks more direct passing and hit more crosses to break down a defensive block.
  4. Just came here looking for mention of Fernandinho, as I've just bought him in my Arsenal save and he's bagged something like 5 goals in his first 8 appearances for me. 3 or 4 of those were absolute screamers too, fantastic player. He and Willian really impressed me when I drew Shakhtar in the CL groups in my second season, so I bought Fernandinho in January and plan to get Willian to replace Arshavin when he leaves in the summer. Can't get enough of your (overrated) players!
  5. Busy weekend for me, not played much, and don't have time to do a proper update here either. My unbeaten record (29 games in all competitions) came to an end against Everton on a snowy evening right at the end of very busy December. I don't think the game should even have been played, but we did ourselves no favours. Anelka scored 2 for them in the first half, and we could only pull one back in the second, as I struggled to adapt to the conditions. With that, and two draws in December we're now second behind United, but with a game in hand that could still take us top on goal difference.
  6. I'm playing 4-2-3-1 formation, with the '2' being MCs, not DMCs. Wilshere slots into the AMC position, Advanced Playmaker, Support duty for me. The idea being that he doesn't get too far away from my two MCs, allowing them to control possession. He's been scoring more than he's been assisting from there, not that I'm complaining about that.
  7. I tied Robin down for £100k p/w at the end of the first season. Can't remember the clauses, but nothing I wasn't very happy to pay him. My pursuit of Hazard hasn't gone so well though, Sp*rs and Man United pushed the bidding up to £32.5m (no idea where that lot down the road got that sort of money from). I reluctantly bid £32m which was accepted, I've agreed terms with him also at £100k p/w (any higher and RvP and Hamsik would get a pay rise to match). I don't really think he will choose Arsenal though, and to be honest I'd be just as happy keeping my £32m and looking at Willian in the summer.
  8. Ouch, I hate seeing those red arrows. Sometimes it's better to just not look, I think.
  9. Thanks, I'm delighted with how this season is going. We have exceded my expectations by some way, especially with our defensive improvement, which was my aim. In the first season we conceded 37 in the league, this time we are on course to half that to about 18. The change from Stopper/Cover, to plain old Defend/Defend at centre-back seems to have been successful. I've also adapted a more conservative tactic in tough games, dropping my central midfield three back by one step each, but leaving my striker and wingers upfield to cause trouble on the counter. It could still all go wrong though, obviously. I've been lucky with injuries so far (apart from RvP, who is just about to return after 2 months) and with opposition getting red cards against me too.
  10. Update: November 2012 November looked like a daunting set of fixtures for my Arsenal team, with three away fixtures in the Premier League including a visit to Arsene Wenger's Liverpool, and tough games against Shakhtar and Athletic Bilbao in my Champions League group. Sat, 3.11.2012 Liverpool A 1 - 0 Marouane Chamakh. This was the first of a series of very closely contested games in November. We sat deep and let Liverpool come at us for most of the game, they were without Suarez which certainly helped. Chamakh scored a poachers goal in the second half, which proved to be enough, thanks to some superb defending. Wed, 7.11.2012 19:45 Shakhtar H 1 - 0 Theo Walcott. Shakhtar showed their class again, coming to the Emirates and holding their own against us quite comfortably. A break away from Theo gave us another 1-0 victory, a very nice habit that we are starting to cultivate. Wed, 14.11.2012 19:45 Blackburn A 2 - 0 Jack Wilshere(2). Much tougher than the scoreline might suggest. This was 0-0 going in to the last 10 minutes, until Jack Wilshere popped one in off the far post from the corner of the Blackburn penalty area. An injury time penalty gave the score much more gloss than it deserved. Sat, 24.11.2012 15:00 Swansea A 4 - 0 Mikel Arteta(2), Theo Walcott(2). The only time we really cut loose and played to our potential during the month, Swansea had no answer for our passing and movement, nor the fantastic finishing ability that Theo Walcott has been showing this season. I still haven't moved him into the striker position, as I'd intended this season, because he's scoring so well from the flanks. Arteta scored from a direct free-kick as well, possibly the first we've scored in my 18-month save to date. Also our 6th clean sheet in a row, spanning October and November. Tue, 27.11.2012 19:45 Athletic A 1 - 1 Jan Vertonghen. We condeded. Not only that but we conceded the first goal in this game, very early on too. I feared our first defeat might be on the way, and our performance for most of the game didn't to much to encourage me either. But there seems to be a very good spirit in this team, and a Vertonghen header from a corner (his first goal for the club, unless you count his two own goals) salvaged a draw, and maintained our unbeaten-in-all-competitions record. Premier League Table 1st Arsenal P13 W11 D2 L0 GD+30 35 2nd Man Utd P14 W11 D1 L2 GD+17 34 3rd Tottenham P14 W9 D2 L3 GD+15 29 4th Chelsea P14 W8 D3 L3 GD+18 27 5th Newcastle P14 W9 D0 L5 GD+4 27 Sitting pretty, but our game in hand is a tough one against Manchester City (who are 6th). Other News Chu-Young Park has voiced concerns over his lack of first-team football this month, I would like to keep him, as he's been a very useful back-up player on the left wing as an advanced playmaker, so I promised to give him some more playing time. He started against Athletic, and has been subbed on in every other match since, but hasn't staked a strong claim to a starting place. He may have to leave if he continues to be unhappy. A day or two later Johann Djourou came to me with similar complaints, but with Vermaelen, Koscielny and Vertonghen all ahead of him, and Bartley and the regen Hanby coming up fast on his heels, I promised to let him go at the end of the season. Elsewhere in the football world, Eden Hazard has become unsettled at Lille, who he feels are underachieving in Ligue 1 this season. Clearly a wonderful opportunity may be arising here to snatch one of the brightest young stars in world football for a reasonable price. I have praised the player in the past, and did so again once I saw this news, and he has appreciated my comments. I will look to lodge a transfer bid in in the next few days, but as JEinchy has suggested, I may look to delay the transfer date until the summer. After all I don't need to disrupt a team that is performing so well this season.
  11. Hazard has just become unsettled in my game, feeling that Lille are underachieving in the second season. Needless to say I am monitoring the situation very closely. I've praised him in the media and he appreciated my comments, so maybe I will be spending in January after all. Problem is I don't really need him right now, because Gervinho, Walcott and Gaitán are all scoring plenty from the wide positions. However I can't let him go to a Premier League rival.
  12. Congratulations, that's quite an achievement to beat Barca and Real on the way to winning the Champions League. I'm getting jealous of everyone who's won trophies with their Arsenal saves...I really need to get to the end of my current season, I'm sure we'll end the drought this time.
  13. I've been trying to give him a chance in my second season too, I'd like him around as a back-up, especially as he's homegrown as well. Unfortunately I've just got too many player ahead of him at the moment and he's barely had a look in, even in the Carling Cup. Injuries being what they are for Arsenal, I'm sure he'll get his chance at some point this season though.
  14. Update: October 2012 CL - Lech A 2 - 1 Theo Walcott, Mikel Arteta. I underestimated Lech Poznan, after Shakhtar beat them 6-0 on match day one, and they took the lead early on. Luckily we fought back well to edge a win. PL - Wolves H 4 - 0 Nicolás Gaitán, Marek Hamsik, Marouane Chamakh, Gervinho. Wolves had been on a terrible run leading up to this, having lost 4 in a row without scoring. They had no chance of turning that run around against us in our current form. PL - Aston Villa H 2 - 2 Nicolás Gaitán, Jan Vertonghen. This was one of those insanely frustrating games. Song, Gervinho and Chamakh were still on international duty for some reason, so Coquelin, Sanogo and Walcott deputised. All the same we took a 2-0 lead and looked comfortable before an Agbonlahor breakaway from our corner (one defender chased him all the way from halfway, the other defender covering just never went near him), and then another bizarre Vertonghen own goal. If I had a cat I would have kicked it. CL - Shakhtar A 2 - 2 Laurent Koscielny, Jack Wilshere. Unlike Lech, I probably overestimated Shakhtar, playing too deep and inviting their AMCs in their narrow 4-2-3-1 formation to swarm all over us in the first half. 1-0 down at half time, Koscielny headed in from a corner straight after the restart, and it was fairly tight after that. On 82 minutes Shaktar took the lead though and it looked like our first defeat of the season, only for substitute Wilshere to equalise at the death. Willian impressed me, I'll definitely look into signing him if the opportunity ever comes up. PL - Wigan A 3 - 0 Jack Wilshere(3). After saving us in midweek, I decided to give Jack a start against Wigan, and boy did he grab the opportunity. A clinical hat-trick rounded off by yet another unlikely headed goal. CC - Wigan H 3 - 0 Andrey Arshavin, Gervinho, Marouane Chamakh. Back to Carling Cup action, and Wigan again. Arshavin continued his scoring form in this competition, but this match was notable for the emergence of Chamberlain really, who bagged two assists and got man of the match. I haven't been impressed with him until now, but here he was class. Another good month for us overall, and we have dealt with the absence of van Persie pretty well. Chamakh has done well, but Sanogo has failed to score in a few outings which has disappointed me. We top the league, and our Champions League group too, but United have climbed up to second with, I think, 7 straight wins, and they are now only 2 points behind us.
  15. Looking good Llew. Would love to see someone bring Gotze to Arsenal and find out how he does. Dortmund signed him to a long term contract on my game, so it probably won't be me unfortunately. Saying that, I've got a £33m transfer budget left this year, and no intention of spending it in January, so maybe I should splash out for someone like him in the summer of 2013.
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