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  1. I'd like my players to act like professional atheletes and not grade schoolers. As things stand, if I lose 3-0 on the road to a team I should have beaten but most of my players form was 6 or 7, I can't tell my team that I am disappointed without suffering a morale drop. My best option is usually to say that I'm pleased. Of course, I'm not pleased and I would suspect that telling that to a real player in that situation would make them think me crazy. I ought to be able to tell my players to do better next time even after a road game. A real manager would and his players would agree that they had a bad game not have a hissy fit about it.
  2. Kimz, great tatic. I've been using 2.1 for 4 straight years with my Celtic team. I only bother with OI for champions league games. This tatic has absolutely torn up the Scottish Premier league. It has gotten me better than expected results in Europe, but nothing spectacular. Unfortunately, after 4 straight years of the same tactic, it appears the AI has finally caught on a bit. The better teams in the SPL have finally worked out a counter attacking strategy. Well, maybe they've finally got the players to implement it? I still beat them, but the games are much closer and I don't get the clean sheets that I used to get. Great work, but it looks like I am going to have to tweak for this save.
  3. Maybe this has been mentioned, but I would like to see more realistic board interference. It drives me crazy that the board will sell off players without getting any input from me, especially when I've been rejecting offer after offer for the player. It gets ridiculous. Currently playing as Celtic, we are the 5th richest team in the world. During the January transfer window, I was $1.4 million per week UNDER my payroll budget and had $87 million left in my transfer budget. We weren't exactly hurting financially. What does my board do? Take an offer of $3.8 million for my 19 year old midfielder even though I purchased him for $5.3 million only the year before. Considering I've been their manager for 8 years and have gotten them in this great financial position, you'd think they would ask me before thinking an offer too good to turn down. Might have found out I had planned to insert said midfielder in the first team next season and thought him a future star for the team. Ridiculous.
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