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  1. Hi Marc, apologies for not getting back to you in the previous thread. Been very busy. Anywho, the new hot fix seems to be spot on. As you say not 100% fitness but at least players aren't all tired and jaded. One little niggling thing though is recently when I've dropped a first teamer for one game to rotate as they're fitness isn't 100%, I get a news bulletin or a message from my assistant saying that the player thinks they should be a first team regular when they are and have only missed one game. Seems to have gone up for me since the update. I never really encountered this before unless of course a player wasn't getting much game time. Keep up the good work! Cheers.
  2. I hate to moan as I understand it's extremely hard to tweak the game but the update has ruined the experience for me. I was halfway through a season when it updated. I now have to virtually rotate my whole squad every game as they don't have full fitness and most are "tired & jaded". I'm a manager that likes to have a small squad and I rotate often with youth players etc but it now seems you need 2 starting elevens to compete. I understand irl teams aren't 100% fit each game but irl you don't have to rest your whole team if you've got a champions league game midweek. Look at Man City last night and on the weekend. Maybe I'm bitter as I was doing so well and now it seems I can hardly string a win with the same players. Such a massive tweek to the gameplay without prior warning is very annoying. This should've waited for next year as a new game experience. As others have suggested, make the Ai managers more intelligent which I'm guessing is not feasible instead of weakening our teams unrealistically. I honestly feel like I've wasted my money as I've only just bought it a couple of weeks ago and now I'm not going to bother playing anymore. Sorry for the negativity but just my 2 cents.
  3. Please SI can you tone this down. This is one thing that ruins the game for me. Virtually every game I hit the woodwork at least once.
  4. It's not a moan, it's just that the majority of us are social degenerates withdrawn from society who take the game far too seriously If anything, it's a massive compliment to SI for making such a damn good game!!!
  5. I don't mind players hitting the post, it's part of football but every game is a little unrealistic. In real life this season, my team's only hit the post twice.
  6. Is anyone else hitting the bar/post every game, sometimes twice or three times? Seems to be happening every game for me.
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