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  1. Stupid Staff Question

    There is nothing that says anything about "recommended staff". This is very weird.
  2. Hard-core Mode

    I'd like to see more disagreement on player abilities. An example is that 1 scout see's the guy as being 5 star potential, the other guy see's him as being crap. I find that once you get a staff member with good enough abilities then he's very very rarely wrong about a player.
  3. Where can I find how many staff my board will allow me to sign? I thought it was on the boardroom screen, but it is not there. Is it possible I edited the layout of the screen? :o:o
  4. Are there any negative effects of tutoring? For example, if I tutor a player with someone who has lower professionalism and lower determination, will the tutees levels possibly drop? The reason I ask is because my team doesn't have the best financials, so my only options for tutoring seem to be either guys with high professionalism or high determination. If there are negative impacts, then what would you suggest to be the best way to go about developing my younger players if a tutor is not available? (other then playing them in the senior team). Sorry if this question has been asked already, but I searched the forum and most of the tutor questions seem to revolve around "unable to tutor anyone".
  5. Port Talbot relegated? so odd seeing that considering my save. Great to have you back. Already more success in Europe then last time around eh? Also, good choice on not reporting the domestic stuff. At this point in my save I do not even play the domestic matches anymore.
  6. 3 times my teams yearly salary haha.
  7. I hear ya. I play as the smaller underdog as well and it often does not feel right when I have money to play with that I have not earned from building up a smaller club. Btw, Genie scout is a program you can download that shows you all the stats behind everything in the game. Its kind of a cheap way of playing if you use it to its full capabilities. I only use it to check my reputation, team reputation and find coaches. Some would say the coach search is cheating, but I always find the best coaches available to me anyways, this way it just cuts down on the time it takes 4 hours to like 10mins haha.
  8. Sad to see you leave the bluebirds. Understandable though as it gets really frustrating. Team reputation does not climb as quickly as it should and therefore its not possible to attract better players, let alone top players. Good Luck with Everton. Btw, ever checked your coach reputation on Genie scout ?
  9. How do you play your season?

    How did I not know about this? I knew it had to exist (or the developers were morons). Cheers for the informative post
  10. Were you getting any of these offers when you were still at Haverfordwest?
  11. Thread hijacking time again because I know someone will have the answer in this thread. What is the actual date of birth cutoff for the U-19 rule in Wales? It appears to be after the first Thursday in August, but I cannot find anything about it online
  12. Stupid chairman. I don't think I've had a player sold on me by the chairman. I kind of want this to happen, but also not happen... conflicted. Awesome work on the save. Got to love the Media confusion. Seeded but underdogs. 3rd seed but favourites :-|
  13. Does that mean I can have a rule about never losing to them too? haha. Good point. However, would that have a negative impact on the team because they will continue to have manager turn over? I assume it will take a couple transfer window take overs to get that team right. withnail316, sorry for highjacking the thread.
  14. 7 mill in the bank, up to 3 mill in transfer budget.. and up to 44,500 in wage budget. They are 11th in the league and would be on the verge of relegation if not for Bridgend. Next year when Neath comes back they could be waving good bye. Its sad because I was so excited when I read about the take over. thought I would end up with a team to really challenge me. I am kind of tempted to manage them myself with a second manager.
  15. Man. In my save Port Talbot had a take over by a tycoon in the first year, but continue to suck.I considered leaving to take the job because its such a waste of a great opportunity