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  1. Hi Ben. Thanks for the reply. I have uploaded a file for you to look at - file name is "WhiteRose74RyanBertrandissue.fm". The date of that save in game is 11 August 2020. Liverpool haven't made a bid yet. My main file save is the 15th August 2020.
  2. Game date 15 Aug 2020. Ryan Bertrand contract status "Absolutely no interest in signing a new contract" - expires June 2021. Liverpool bid which I negotiate up to £11.5m, I then go and talk to the player and am told he definitely wants to move because Liverpool will pay him more and at this stage of his career that means more to him than the club he has been at for 7 years. So I accepted the offer - its good money for a 31 year old in the last year of his contract. I then get the attached message into my inbox. He has signed a 2 year contract on 12k a week LESS than what he earns at
  3. Hi - this was my 1st set of thoughts late last night. Managing Southampton in game and a fan IRL. Roles are based on a starting 11 of McCarthy , Bertrand, Bednarek, Vestergaard/Stephens, Walker-Peters, Redmond/Djenopo, Romeu, Ward-Prowse, Armstrong, Ings, Adams Haven't played any games yet and I have too many TI's there for my liking. No PI's as yet either.... Work in progress.....
  4. Southampton. Carl Martin is B Team (U23 in the game) coach not U18 Assistant Manager. Louis Carey listed on the clubs website as U18 Coach - not in game. James Ward-Prowse - Free Kick Taking, 16 seems criminally low... Strength 10 also seems low based on what I have seen of him so far in the PL. Danny Ings - Finishing 15, not based on last seasons stats and his start this season. Vardy is 18 for comparison in the game. Club Culture - Possession Based football is desired. Based on how Hasenhuttl has the side playing IRL which isn't founded on possession based football I wou
  5. Davie Selkie - signed him for Southampton in first window. As at 1 Feb 2020 he has 17 goals in 22 appearances. Blows a little hot and cold but when he is scoring he is brilliant! Played him as a TM in a 442 and CF(S) latterly in a 4141(41221).
  6. I only managed to loan Vestergaard - 17m is great business! Have kept Long (I like his workmate when defending a lead). I have both Almada and Onguene extensively scouted but am determined to stay in the black financially, if I can get Almada for that price then all well and good but Onguene will have to wait until the summer. Danso has been excellent and I will almost certainly trigger the option in the loan contract. I also have Haaland on my radar but not on any shortlist.... I play my wingers in the midfield strata - it seems to work ok but none of Redmond, Boufal or Djenepo ar
  7. I will try and post a longer update this week but just wanted to ask a couple of questions as I am also managing the Saints (my hometown club - only side I play with on FM 😁) 1. Did you sign Almada and Onguene in the 1st window? How much did you pay? 2. Danny Ings - does he blow hot and cold for you. I signed Davie Selkie in the 1st window as I had an idea to play a 442 with a TM. He has 16 goals in 21 appearances. Ings has 5 in 15 by comparison. I am currently experimenting with Wingers in this tactic. 9 goals scored in the last 3 games... 4-4 draw with Spurs suggests I might h
  8. When I look at Position suitability for an AM (L) the circle for Inverted Winger is fully Green. Exactly same attributes for same role as M (L) and yet the circle is now 1/2 orange and rating is unconvincing.... Why? And should I ignore it?
  9. Amazing post! Has given me some real food for thought. Well done!!
  10. I have a homesick player who I have agreed to give a leave of absence to - can't see the option to do this anywhere though... Any ideas?
  11. Can anyone advise why Training progress reports on an individual default to one of the coaches (in my case a Goalkeeping coach) forcing me to select a different coach very time - and when I change it it doesn't retain the selection I previously made? Thanks
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