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  1. Transfer Window bug?

    After full release.
  2. My save is in January 2018, the transfer window is open but as you can see from the attached screenshot the weeks and days timer at top right isn't showing anything and a lot of the detail in the main body of the screen is from the summer window - I am Southampton and signed Dembele in July. Should this information not be resetting when the winter window opens and why is the timer not showing any information? Thanks
  3. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    I can’t see the Eastleigh affiliate detailed in the club screen. I think there was an affiliate with Rayo in FM17 as well but that was probably linked to a loan?
  4. Match View-Display is all white

    Please close this thread, there was a Steam file that hadn't down loaded properly!
  5. Match View-Display is all white

    This is what my landing page looks like when I start the game.
  6. Match View-Display is all white

    Hi. I have attached two screenshots from the 1st match I played. As you can see the graphics are a bit strange.... It also occurred to me that in this save when I was creating the manager avatar that the clothes were all white as well - no changes were feeding through. I have also attached my system specifications. Thanks MacBook Pro.spx
  7. American Football

    Amazing post! Has given me some real food for thought. Well done!!
  8. I have a homesick player who I have agreed to give a leave of absence to - can't see the option to do this anywhere though... Any ideas?
  9. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Determination of 4 on my save.
  10. Do you mean change the frame rate to something else - 60?
  11. Can anyone advise why Training progress reports on an individual default to one of the coaches (in my case a Goalkeeping coach) forcing me to select a different coach very time - and when I change it it doesn't retain the selection I previously made? Thanks
  12. Leicester City Tactics

    Thanks - aware of all the information but I don't see a team thread where people are discussing their saves.
  13. Leicester City Tactics

    My 1st post updated with images. I will continue to update this as the save progresses. Have always been a little amazed there wasn't a team thread created. Might have a go at that as well over the weekend.
  14. Leicester City Tactics

    How do I just choose the image then - like you have!?
  15. Leicester City Tactics

    I am inserting the links from Imgur but they aren't working. I must be doing something wrong!