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  1. [ENGLAND] (Official) Southampton Data Issues

    I can’t see the Eastleigh affiliate detailed in the club screen. I think there was an affiliate with Rayo in FM17 as well but that was probably linked to a loan?
  2. Match View-Display is all white

    Please close this thread, there was a Steam file that hadn't down loaded properly!
  3. Match View-Display is all white

    This is what my landing page looks like when I start the game.
  4. Match View-Display is all white

    Hi. I have attached two screenshots from the 1st match I played. As you can see the graphics are a bit strange.... It also occurred to me that in this save when I was creating the manager avatar that the clothes were all white as well - no changes were feeding through. I have also attached my system specifications. Thanks MacBook Pro.spx
  5. American Football

    Amazing post! Has given me some real food for thought. Well done!!
  6. I have a homesick player who I have agreed to give a leave of absence to - can't see the option to do this anywhere though... Any ideas?
  7. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Determination of 4 on my save.
  8. Do you mean change the frame rate to something else - 60?
  9. Can anyone advise why Training progress reports on an individual default to one of the coaches (in my case a Goalkeeping coach) forcing me to select a different coach very time - and when I change it it doesn't retain the selection I previously made? Thanks
  10. Leicester City Tactics

    Thanks - aware of all the information but I don't see a team thread where people are discussing their saves.
  11. Leicester City Tactics

    My 1st post updated with images. I will continue to update this as the save progresses. Have always been a little amazed there wasn't a team thread created. Might have a go at that as well over the weekend.
  12. Leicester City Tactics

    How do I just choose the image then - like you have!?
  13. Leicester City Tactics

    I am inserting the links from Imgur but they aren't working. I must be doing something wrong!
  14. Leicester City Tactics

    I have had a number of saves with Leicester - mostly playing around with transfers but also numerous iterations of a 442. I am a big believer in KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) so this is what I currently have No Team Instructions! I have Player Instructions on the Goalkeeper - Distribute to Flanks and Distribute Quickly. I watch matches in Extended for the 1st 15-20 minutes and then Comprehensive. Results so far have been quite pleasing, bar the loss to Bournemouth where Morgan/Huth couldn't cope with Iturbe and I should have dropped the defensive line a bit deeper sooner. Vardy scored 23 goals in pre-season...including 3 hat-tricks and 2 5-fer's! Needless to say his confidence was high going into the start of the season and he currently leads the scoring charts with 6 (he got 4 against Stoke ) In other saves I have toyed around with a BBM but I just think it can lead to the player getting caught out of position too much. CM/S and a CM/D do the job very nicely - Kante has an avg rating of 7.4, Drinkwater 7.28. Assists chart is lead by Okazaki (5) and Mahrez (3). Edit_ not sure what I am doing wrong with the images...? Thanks to Rumpelstiltskin for help on the images.....
  15. Just signed Roger Martinez for Leicester in summer transfer window 1st season.