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  1. I've just tried setting up a network game as host but other people can't join, as i've never done this before are there any online guides to opening ports and which ports to open?
  2. scored a few goals for us in 2005/06 season but seemed to enjoy slipping, particularly infront of an open goal against blackburn when down to ten men
  3. After a disasterous start to my second season re my last post, things were looking up and i shot to 10th in the league mid November, with the squad gelling nicely. However after a 3-0 home defeat against Spurs (who were top of the league) Phil Gartside and his mates decided that i was no longer the man for the job and sacked me. Took over at Hull City but will be starting a new save with the Wanderers, possibly when the new patch is out.
  4. Arrgghh suggy, think you jinxed me there mate. Only managed one point in the league in my first 3 games. Results so far Man City- 0-3 Home Loss Djurgarden- 1-0 Away Loss (EURO) Stoke City- 1-0 Away Loss Djurgarden- 3-0 Home Win (EURO) Aston Villa- 3-3 Home Draw So an awful start to the season, particularly the Villa result. We went in front on three seperate occasions and each time they pulled back- John Carew scoring a hattrick. Also only had 6 subs, and the squad is looking very thin at the moment. As for the Euro Cup, we're through to the group stage and have picked up a fairly pleasent group in Shakhtar, Catania and Brondby, so i'm fairly confident that we can qualify for the first knockout round at least there. During the transfer window i managed to make 2 signings- Romelu Lukaku came in and i also signed a youngster from Sao Paulo called Lucas. Both are looking good for me at the moment and are definately players for the future. I let nine players go, the most notable being Paul Robinson, Andy O'Brien and Martin Petrov. I was frustrated at not being able to find a suitable replacement for Jussi though. Looked at Asenjo, Smithies and Carrasso but they were either too expensive or not interested in joining the club. Going into September 16th in the league with one point. Things can only get better.
  5. Finally managed to finish my first season (laptops been playing up), and finished sixth in the league after a great second half of the season. Qualified for Europe via Spurs winning both the FA and League cup. Klasnic turned out to be a revelation in the second half of the season, leading the scoring charts with Kevin Davies- 13 goals each. Buonanotte weighed in with 9 and Cahill and Knight scored 5 each. Reached the fourth round of the league cup, getting beat 1-0 away at Chelsea, but enjoyed a strong FA Cup campaign, getting beat in the semi-final vs Spurs. Best Results Vs Newcastle- 4-1 Win away Vs Liverpool- 4-1 Win home Vs Arsenal- 1-0 Win home Worst Results VS Notts Forest- 1-1 Away Vs Man City- 5-1 Loss Away Vs Chelsea- 4-1 Loss Home Vs Sunderland- 1-0 Loss Home Molina turned out to be a hit with 9 assists, Kevin Davies and Buonanotte just behind him with 8 each. Jaaskelainen made the subs bench for Premier league team of the year and was outstanding through the season. He will probably remain my first choice for the next season or so, but will be looking for a young replacement. To summarise, i overachieved in the league and am concerned mostly about the expectations of next season. Will look to keep the same back 5, and replace the back up players like O'Brien and Robinson. Attacking wise i will keep the same nucleus but am looking to sell the older players to finance newer, younger players.
  6. ypresfr Should have maybe asked for a bit more for Taylor, but wanted rid quick as both Gardner and Pertov are better in game left midfielders and masilela was a snip at £220k meaning that Taylor would be little more than a benchwarmer. Ricketts is at centre half because Cahill was injured during a game, but as soon as he is match fit he will be straight in the team again alongside Knight. Don't think Ricketts is as effective in the game as a centre half as he is irl. Anyhow, currently seventh in the league (slipped two places, loosing 3-1 vs Chelsea away) won 5, drawn 5 and lost 2.
  7. On fm i have always tried to convert them into a good 'footballing' side. But if i need to play long ball tactics, Davies can still perform like a battering ram and there is plenty of pace behind him to pick up the pieces.
  8. Great thread mate. Started a save as Bolton, as i always do, because they are my home team and have just started on the 11.2 patch. Started well in August, winning my first four games in all competitions and went unbeaten for nine competitive games before loosing 3-0 vs Liverpool at Anfield. Posted some screenshots of my transfers and tactics below. I play this formation as i rate my attacking midfielders higher than Klasnic and Elmander, and reckon Super Kev plays best alone. He's got 5 in 6 games in the league in my save and scored a hattrick vs Southampton in the League Cup. All of my signings bar Molina have played each League game so far and impressed so much that the likes of Steinsson, Gardner and Mark Davies are only warming the bench, Particularly impressive is Buonanotte, who has more assists than any other player in the league, Mendy and Masilela are good, strong attacking full backs and Molina is taking his chance now that Petrov is out injured.
  9. FM11: Liviu Ganea

    Seem to remember him from a few years ago, think it was fm 08, he'd sign for any decent team in any country and score goals.
  10. FM11 : The Revolutionary Fulham Thread

    Started a save with Fulham because it seems like a good team to try and take to the top, giving me a break from my Blackpool save, and haven't been disappointed. At the end of August i'm sitting at the top of the league with a 100% record after three games, with Zamora the top league scorer so far with 5 in 3. Transfers Made Current Formation First Few Results A promising start to the season and looking forward to making the headlines with Fulham.
  11. I left it until the January transfer window. He accepted a slight improvement on his current deal and no one else was interested in him so he signed straight away.
  12. Just reached the January transfer window in my first season and stand 13th in the league after a mixed season so far. Had a bad spell through October/November where i didnt win a game in 11 against some high profile teams, but my home form has been critical in staying out of the relegation zone as i havent lost a game at Bloomfield Road. Now looking to strengthen all areas of the team and am hoping to climb into the top half of the league in the second half of the season.
  13. Which Sriker ?

    Id go for Dzeko as he seems to be a complete forward, and is two footed
  14. Started a save with Blackpool because of the challange which they bring and their success so far this season, needless to say i haven't been disappointed so far. Starting with a complete revamp of the backroom staff, i terminated all non-playing staff contracts. Managed to bring in Brian Horton as my new assistant manager and Colin Cooper as first team coach. Looking at coaches i recruited Robert Prosinecki, Sean McCauley and Andy Cole as general coaches, and Alan Kelly as my new goalkeeping coach. Also brought in Paul Winsper as my fitness coach. The only thing missing (which i'm slightly annoyed about) is a youth coach, however, McCauley is rated as 19 for coaching youngsters so i may look to change his role in the near future. Mogens Kreutzfeldt is my new physio, signed from HIK in Denmark. I added Barry Whitbread, Ted Davies and Glenn Cockerill to my non-existent scouting team, but am looking at signing scouts of different nationalities add to my scouting network. Looking at Blackpools playing staff, i didn't plan on making major changes, so stuck with the core of the current team, changing the formation to a 5-3-2 with wingbacks. Signed both Micheal Ball and Bernard Mendy on free transfers and went straight into the team on respective flanks. My third central defender in the formation came in the form of Zhivko Zhelev, signed from Inter Baku for £300K, and is linking well with the rest of the team and proving to be a bargin. My fourth and final signing of the pre-season window was Jordi Gomez, who i signed for an initial £2.2m, and is looking like a decent buy as he adds some flair and composure to the team. I play him in front of my two central midfielders Adam and Sylvestre, and behind Campbell and Harewood who are my attackers. At the end of the transfer window, it has been a promising start to the league, starting with a draw at home against Manchester City, followed by a narrow away win at Everton. The team were given a reality check playing Norwich away in the league cup, loosing 2-1, thus out of the cup, followed by a fantastic 1-0 home win against the champions Chelsea. So a promising start to the season, going into the international break in 5th place and Aston Villa next up.
  15. Man vs Zonal Marking

    i would say that it depends on the team which you are playing with and who your opponent is. for example, i have a bolton save where i have just played arsenal. each time i play arsenal and use man marking i loose heavily. this time i used zonal marking and won 2-1, my theory being bolton are a much slower side compared to arsenal and by asking paul robinson to man mark theo walcott he is only going to chase his shadow. by zonal marking, the players seem to automatically pick up the first available player in their zone. so if walcott does pass robinson, cahill or knight will pick him up as he has entered their 'zone'. it seems that if you are playing against a quicker team, set your marking to zonal and have plenty of men behind the ball so that players can be passed on. if playing against a slower team, man mark your opposition and play with fewer men behind the ball. however, this judgement is based on one match so may not be entirely accurate and will depend on the quality of your opposition.