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  1. Has anyone found an effective Instant Result tactic thus far? I don't have as much time to play the game as I used to, so I'm looking for a tactic I can use on Instant Result that will give me good results. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Hi Kinmar, I used TCM 18 without any problems however with TCM 19 I'm missing all the individual nations federations logos and US teams like Nashville and Penn FC don't show either. Any suggestions?
  3. Where are the download links for all of the listed tactics? I can only see a couple in the OP.
  4. Looking for a new team to start my save with. Would prefer to start in one of the smaller European nations. A team preferably in the top division with good supporters, but aren't the favorites for the title. Thinking along the lines of Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and similar countries. Any ideas?
  5. What do I need to do to increase certain manager attributes? I've noticed that my attributes for fitness, working with youngsters, adaptability, and level of discipline, they always stay very low. What can I do to improve these?
  6. Where can I view a club's value? Isn't it usually on General tab under Finances. I can't see it anywhere.
  7. Great team that Lincoln City. Should be in the Champions League. Top class players. Matt Rhead? Move over Diego Costa!
  8. Ended up taking over at Bradford who were sitting bottom of League 1. Managed to stay up and then won the league the next season. Currently sitting 3rd in the Championship in December.
  9. Started a save with Stockport. Guided them to consecutive promotions all the way up to the Championship. Finished 7th in my first season in the Championship but wanted a change so I resigned. I apply to take over at Crewe (League 2) and don't even make the interview process?!
  10. If I want to test a tactic fast over an extended period of games, what is the most effective option? Simulate Match or Instant Result?
  11. How do you change your manager's name and appearance? When I first set it up I just went through it quick and now when I'm on the home screen I can't find it.
  12. How can you improve the level of your professionalism in the game?
  13. Has anyone managed to take over at a League 2 club with no coaching badges and Sunday league reputation?
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