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  1. Do FM'10 Tactics Work With FM'11?

    I always end up working out a super tatic around March every year, As soon as a demo comes out it no longer works and i start over. That's the beauty of this game. Always challanging.
  2. ivory coast on penalties over brazil
  3. most i've ever payed for postage is $15 from amazon
  4. I preordered with Gameplanet, I got 09 from them, they post day beforehand so you get it on release date. $75 + $5 postage. And to all you non-aussies out there this is what game prices are like in Australia, it's literally cheaper to import games.
  5. Football Manager First Times

    I was first introduced to the series with FM05, was walking through my local games store and it was on sale for around $20 (06 was being released the next week) nevertheless I took it home, started playing and had great fun. Two months later I went back for 2006 and since then I've been hooked.
  6. A-League Expansion

    My system will be slightly different: A-League (thinking of it of the 'elite' competition) - Professional The 2011 makeup so with Heart and Rovers added and keeping Wellington (they'll probably be relegated first anyway.) No finals series just first past the post setup, 33 games per season. Bottom team relegated to B-League, second last goes into relegation playoff system (similar to Scottish leagues.) NQF Brisbane Gold Coast Newcastle Central Coast Sydney FC Sydney Rovers (Paramatta Stadium) Melbourne Victory Melbourne Heart Adelaide Perth Wellington B-League - Professional Top team wins automatic promotion to A-League, top three teams qualify for playoff similar to current Scottish Leagues. Bottom team relegated to 'State' leagues and second last goes into relegation playoff agianst runner up of National Championship (see below.) South Coast Canberra Tasmania NT 3rd Melbourne 3rd Sydney Regional Victoria 2nd Adelaide/SA 2nd New Zealand Pacific Islands State Leagues - Semi-Professional These will reflect the current leagues and system currently in place (includes New Zealand Championship, Northen NSW Football, NT and ACT.) The champion of each 'state' qualifies for National Championship. National Championship Two groups of 5 teams each, play each other once with top team in each group proceeding to final. Winner of final promoted to B-League and runner-up plays off against B-League second last. Respective State Cups - Only State Leagues. League Cup - A-League and B-League only. FFA Cup - Involves all playable teams entered from Round 1.
  7. It will positively affect your finances, I once just removed my U18 team and made them my reserve team (which was non-exsistant unless i am nursing back players), saved me about 50K in a season.
  8. Worst red-card ever

    only if dening a goal-scoring oppourtunity, otherwise it should only be a caution for deliberate and blatant handling of the ball.
  9. To put it quite basically I do have some experience as a referee and in game a red card was given to my keeper for 'deliberate handling of the ball denying a goal-scoring oppourtunity.' He did handle outside the penalty box yes, however the ball was most definatly not heading for the goal. An opposition player had attemped a cross but it went long across the box and my keeper picked it up on the other side. There was not a single player within 30m of him and therefore there is absolutly no way whatsoever that he could have been denying a goal oppourtunity and should have only received a caution. My appeal failed, so i'm wondering whether anyone has actually had an appeal given in this game.
  10. if the ball was heading for goal only an idiot goalkeeper would do that
  11. This only occured to me today, but why don't the staff ever get sick when the players do. For example if you're a lower league club and your only coach gets sick and is no longer able to take training player attributes would slide a bit.
  12. Postpone a game?

    I've had a match postponed due to only four call-ups from my team, and two from the opposition.
  13. Does Iceland have a cup competition? And are we including Asian or European matchs? If so then it has the potential to be longer than the Australian league, max Australian (including finals series and preseason) is 29 games + max ACL 12. But Iceland will win hands down next season, A-League will go to 27 game league + 6 team finals series (and no preseason cup )