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  1. I won't sign anyone with Valencia, I'll sell 3 o 4 more players to keep it realistic.
  2. Yeah, this also somehow is proof that the beta is releasing. COME ON!
  3. Probably a minor issue in general, but the shots without angle drove me crazy. Glad to see it was adressed among the other major issues. Really excited to see some boring no-nonsense efficient tap ins in the game.
  4. Most of the under-the-hood stuff can be argued an generally the SI people here make som great points, but man, this is just unbelievable. It's not even a matter of taste, or style or anything, they are not even texturing the field, what the actual ****.
  5. Valencia, with signings forbidden for the first period. If SI actually reflects how financially ****ed we are (almost 600 millions in debt), instead of setting the same debt value as the last 5 years and the new stadium on the go (which is not happening in real life) it's going to be an actual and fun challenge.
  6. I still can't wrap my head around how more attacking means more individualistic or no passing, but I value the input on the tactic regardless. I might try taking it down a notch, but as I said, it still happens on more defensive mentalities. And and quite pleased with the tactic's performance in general, it's just this particular thing that drives me crazy.
  7. That is interesting, and admittedly and don't know that much about how mentality affects everything, but it would have never occurred to me that more attacking mentality would make my players more individualistic as opposed to more risky. And to be honest, I'm not convinced at all, it doesn't sound right, and if that's the case, the descriptions need some radical rewriting. In fact, I constantly switch between positive and defensive depending on the match (wich I've been reading is a mistake on itself, but that's another story that has nothing to do with this), and still have to see an horitzo
  8. Sure! Feel free to completely demolish it while you are at it, as is tradition here. I play pretty casually and I'm sure you'll find many wrong things, but the issue with the shots seems to happen no matter the tactic. As a matter of fact, the IA players do exactly the same and I don't have a say on their tactics, but I guess they aren't pretty smart to begin with.
  9. First of all, I'm sure this has been answered before, but I can't find it (English is my third language and football terminology can get really specific), so sorry for that. My issue is that my wide player ALWAY choose to shoot instead of passing the ball. They will put crosses from outside the area, but once they are in, they alway make a run for the goal and shoot from impossible positions. I've tried most of the roles, and this behaviour is consistent. Do you have any advice?
  10. I'm not that angry. In fact, I'm not angry at all. I'm just expressing my opinion. I don't think anybody here is arguing that it's the end of the world or that this is not purely a first world mild inconvenience, but we can still talk about it. I would probably buy it even if Miles kicking me in the nuts was part of the price. Still not ok.
  11. If you just happen to adopt a cat that has done exactly that on several other studios where it has lived before, yeah, I might worry about it happening.
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