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  1. I'm not that angry. In fact, I'm not angry at all. I'm just expressing my opinion. I don't think anybody here is arguing that it's the end of the world or that this is not purely a first world mild inconvenience, but we can still talk about it. I would probably buy it even if Miles kicking me in the nuts was part of the price. Still not ok.
  2. I even bought it already. People settling for it doesn't make it ok.
  3. If you just happen to adopt a cat that has done exactly that on several other studios where it has lived before, yeah, I might worry about it happening.
  4. Glad to know. I still wish it wasn't there at all, because of the other dubious stuff it does.
  5. Again, you can't know that since there is nothing to compare it to. What you think is smooth might not be as smooth as it should. Denuvo performance issues and invasivity has been documented for several games.
  6. Peaople have "ilegetimaly" removed denuvo from older games, that's how we know the difference.
  7. Someone said it in a deleted message: screen loading was sometimes noticeable slower. Just because it doesn't kill your grandma does not mean it's ok.
  8. You really see nothing wrong in affecting the performance of a paid game without telling the customers? If that's the case, I don't know what to tell you. Of course customers can choose between settling for the unethical practice or not (I DID), but that doesn't make it any less unethical
  9. I understand what you are trying to say, and you are right to a degree, but to protect their game at the expense of paying customers, who probably don't even know what's going on, is just plainly wrong. DRM is justifiable, Denuvo is not. I think there are even DRM-free games on Steam. Steam can act now as an additional, optional layer of security.
  10. I mean, you are not wrong. It's not a big enough issue for me not buying the game, but it's still scummy and an anti-consumer practice that no ethical company would ever implement.
  11. So, if I prepurchased on steam, I'm I in for an email with a code or it will just pop up in my games list? Will it even be the same entry as FM 2018? I hope it's not today, I have real football to watch.
  12. Nobody thought Bernat was better than Alba. It was actully a surprise he left for such a big team. I nobody thinks Ruiz is or will be better than Gayà.
  13. Yeah, Gayà had almost no first team football until this season, and his numbers show that in the pre-update database. Plus, thats some top notch competition for the position. Also, randomized potential, so who knows what you got. With the boost and a good RNG roll he should be getting capped soon in most saves. It's a matter of time he gets capped IRL, and many said he will be Spains left back for the Euro. Too soon to say, as many things can happen, but it's far from absurd. He has a 18 million € release fee. That's pretty reasonable for a potential world class.
  14. The consensus at Valencia is that he's better than Alba and Bernat.
  15. Wow, Gayà is still a -9 with 144 CA. The only -9 with better CA is Verrati who is 2 years older, with 146. Cool.
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