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  1. If you need to spend some extra time, don't force out crap and say it's complete. We can all wait if we have to.
  2. A scripted win for a human? Impossible.
  3. My main source of frustration in FM15 is the match engine, and how the game always seems to screw me over at the worst time. My latest keyboard-breaking moment was my keeper getting sent off for a dubious second yellow and then losing the match 6-5. On the bright side, I still got promoted that year, but said keeper decided he was too good for my club and is currently on non-contract with some crappy Spanish team.
  4. Still in beta for me. Edit: Nvm, I just got it a few minutes late.
  5. Hello, I am working on a fictional American league pyramid and the database does not verify at any level. I get no error message, the process just stops. Edit: The only things I changed in the advanced editor were fixture dates and cup qualification.
  6. It's probably not hard-coded, but it's also probably too hard to change.
  7. I've only ever won once this way (save against weak opposition) but I tend to lose after 2-0 a couple times a year.
  8. I am, for whatever reason, unable to schedule friendly matches with my reserves. When I select "choose other" it defaults to my first team.
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