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  1. I created a custom match plan for a 6-team group stage where teams would play 4 matches, i.e. one opponent is omitted. The competition now will not advance past that stage as it still thinks teams should be playing 5 matches (or 10 if I don't set "number of rounds" in league settings). I selected "don't play every team same number of times" as a fixture plan, but that accomplishes nothing because I'm already using a custom match plan.
  2. Tough luck going out that way. I've only gone to Ghana once in my FM career, so I don't know the landscape very well. It's hard to measure your club up against the African competition. You may have a nasty surprise coming the first time you go deep in the CAF Champions League...
  3. Da iawn! Not long before you'll be in Europe at this rate.
  4. ...in the Europa League preliminary round. against a Welsh team IIRC.
  5. Well done, you're set up well for the future!
  6. Problem solved by, of all things, removing the individual group rules. Not sure why that made a difference.
  7. I already have that set up, but it isn't working for some reason. I'll see if there's something else that could be messing with it.
  8. Hello, I would like to set up a group stage where the teams ranked 1st/2nd/7th/8th make up one group and the teams ranked 3rd/4th/5th/6th make up the other. Is this possible?
  9. From what I can see, it's not transferable to the regular game, but someone else on this site has made a database you can use.
  10. Well done on survival, but it seems you have a while to go before you'll be challenging for promotion. Hopefully your youth intakes improve as well. (Though you may want to check that 3.5 potential DM again, considering your defensive woes. If you get lucky, he might at least end up as a decent backup.)
  11. As am I, but considering my preferred team for this year is at level 11 (plus the database/editor issues that keep me from playing my usual joke games) I was already expecting to wait until after Christmas for a functional game. If this is working properly by December I'll be able to start a bit early!
  12. Ouch, tough loss. Even the greats can get FM'd.
  13. Spain, albeit a Spain that had been knocked out in groups four and eight years prior so expectations shouldn't have been that high.
  14. Things like this are why I hate international management. I've been sacked right after losing the World Cup final on penalties.
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