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  1. waiting on the patches before i make a decision mate, if i buy i will defo start from new as i normally do a huge database and theres nobody on the quick start demo
  2. Playing the 16.1.1 Demo ATM with Hull City. 4231 Formation. Not bought a single player as I should be able to walk the league with this squad - and I am! Top of the league after 8 Games. Akpom on the left wing, Diomande Up Front and Aluko on the Right Wing with Maloney as the Advanced Playmaker is working superb.
  3. the nemesis tactic is phenomenal, i've just won the EPL with Hull City in my 4th season, you hammer teams on shots so as soon as your players develop into top class players you will end up winning most matched
  4. sounds good mate, yeah i'v been playing FMC for the last two versions - the full fat game is too much
  5. its not you UWE - the game is definately not the fun it used to be, fancy 3d graphics is not what Champ Manager / FM was about. This game is far more unplayable & unsatisfying that any before it. I'm going back to CM97/98 !!!!!!!!!
  6. FM16 should not be released, Personally i think FM should move to a 2 year release of every game to give the game time to be tested properly and made solid, this years release (including the latest patch) is awful. Doesnt sit right with me that ive paid for an unpolished game and soon were going to be reading about the 'new features' fm16 will be bringing us. sorry buts that my ten pennies worth.
  7. cheers guys, glad its working! i personally dont use inverted strikers. corners to be taken by midfielders ideally as u need the big 3 in the box.
  8. Thanks mate! I agree this tactic is rather underated, 4th season in and i'm top of prem by 6 points, just beat barcelona 4-1 in champions league group stages (finished top in my CL group) - things are going rather well
  9. Thanks mate, Stuani finished the season with 46 goals in all competitions and ended up winning the European Striker of the Year award
  10. I'm playing on FMC but i've left everything as standard and not touched anything. On FMC my Team training is balanced (left to Asst). Its pretty much a plug n play tactic.
  11. Hi Guys. Never posted a tactic before but this one i have created (and i've tried a few!) is so good i have to share it. Its a 433 tactic, very attacking and very potent. One thing i have noticed on FM15 this year is that Poachers and Advanced Forwards are goal machines so this tactic employs a front 3 of two complete forwards and a poacher on attack duty. The poacher is the key and will get you tons of goals a season. Stuani is a goal machine if you can get him! I have tested this tactic with the following teams and in the first seasons i managed Hull (Prem - 4th ), Sheff Wed (Champ - 1st), Bradford City (L1 - 1st). Please try it and any feedback is most appreciated. Enjoy. Tactics Screen Team Instructions Tactic Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/nwgxadjtrgaagpq/HULK_SMASH_9B9865BE-2307-442F-9875-2B33A6635A80.fmf
  12. not sure where i find that mate? im on FMC - you'd of thought it was in team report screen but cant see it?
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