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  1. AI bid spamming is as old and troublesome as the game itself. But it seem worse in FM19. Roma have offered the same bid for a player three times the same day, all rejected. And Lazio made the same bid twice the same day. This week for this player, I got 9 bids form Roma and 6 from Lazio. All of equal value or with a insignificantly change. Even if I counter-bid, they will reject me and later same day send a new transfer offer of the original amount.
  2. Setting a player to reject all offers do not reject loan offers. Only transfer offers are rejected.
  3. This was solved by repairing the game from steam! Not an issue for this thread. I leave the faulty bug report for reference. Sweden reserves/youth seem broken. The Reserve squad play a U21 league and the U21 squad do not play anywhere? Same every year if I sim to 2037. There are also clubs playing in U21 structure with both U21 and reserv squads: This was solved by repairing the game from steam! Not an issue for this thread. I leave the faulty bug report for reference.
  4. Kalmar FF issues: Sebastian Ramhorn retired due to injury (http://www.barometern.se/sport/han-bryter-kontraktet-med-kalmar-ff/) Isak Magnuson is misspelled. It is Magnusson (http://kalmarff.se/spelare/isak-magnusson-0) Johan Stenmark mostly plays DL in main squad, DC and DR as secondary. (I go watch them) The ground "Guldfågeln Arena" is owned by Concil not the club. (https://24kalmar.se/klart-sa-blir-kommunens-overtagande-av-guldfageln-arena) "Smålandsderby" Derby between Kalmar FF and Östers If is not in game. (https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&client=firefox-b-ab&q=smålandsderby&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiUnpizzZjeAhUIlCwKHQ57Ac8QBQgpKAA&biw=1920&bih=944) Staff issues: Nanne Bergstrand is no longer Head coach, he is Head scout (https://www.svd.se/nanne-bergstrand-tillbaka--som-scout) Henrik Rydström is head coach Jens Nilsson is not coach he is Head of youth development (http://kalmarff.se/foreningen/kontakt/sportkontor) Ola Ragnarsson is not a coach, he is the player liason. (http://kalmarff.se/foreningen/kontakt/sportkontor) Mattias Rosenlund is Chairman not Anders Nyblom (http://kalmarff.se/foreningen/kontakt/sportkontor) Former player David Elm is now a youth coach (http://www.barometern.se/feature/gemenskap-och-gladje-viktigast-i-elms-lag/) Håkan Sterling is team doctor not a Physio. (http://www.barometern.se/sport/elm-till-lasarettet-med-hjarnskakning/) Kalmar FF academy is one of the better in Scandinavia, so why is it just "Established", with "adequate" coaching in the game? Youth and senior players share facilities, so they should have same rating in game. Great as senior have is a correct level (new facilities)
  5. (This must have been asked before but I can't find it) Is there a way to change processing (when you click continue) between match so it only progress one day or so? Processing preferences under interface setting do not seem to enable this.
  6. Right, I removed FM18 from steam and deleted everything it left behind then reinstalled. Do not know why it worked this time, when it did not before, but it did. 60c and stable for a full week. Solved.
  7. Still same issue. Tested a different GFX card and updated BIOS. Will do a clean windows install and if that do not solve it, I am about to give up.
  8. Yes, ran a couple of 15-20 min cycles, with GPU 100% for the entire duration I got 83c as highest temprature.
  9. It feels great to spend £60 on a non working product spend days trying to fix it myself, while being completly ignored by the manufacturer.....
  10. Checking the net and speaking to other users asking for help on this issue, it is more common then I thought. We can rule out hardware such as gfx cards, cpus and motherboards. The issue appear on all manufactures. We can rule out drivers for the same reason. The issue occure on win7, 8 and 10 so not the OS. The only common factor on hardware and software seem to be FM18 itself.
  11. My grafics card is a Radeon R9 290X with 8GB memory. The temperature on idle is about 50c. Running the most graphic heavy game I got, BF1 on ultra high settings, it can reach 74c at most. When the FM18 match engine starts, the GPU temp jumps to 80c and will slowly raise to 100c when the computer will emergency shut down. First thought it was dust in the coolers, but after cleaning it I noticed this only happen when FM18 is running and never under any other circumstances. Tested three sets of driver, no change. When running FM18 in 2D mode, the temperature stays at 74c Running FM14 and FM17 it have pretty much idle temp 50-55c. Found a few threads all unsolved about this kind of issue, a long thread about a simular issue with a Nvidia card, that ended up unsolved with user planing to get another graphics card. Tested suggested solution except messing with the GPU clock. I am not going to risk that since I have not the know how. DxDiag.txt
  12. Don't see any whining. See alot of high anticipation and that should be a good thing =)
  13. "Around 2 weeks before the release date." that is the current time and date yes. Hoping we get a general beta release soon and this is not some low brow sucking up to selected persons. =)
  14. https://twitter.com/wernbloom Ponton Wernbloom thanked SIgames for his beta copy 3 hours ago and 1 h ago he posted a screen shot. So when are we non pro footballers going to get our pre-order beta?
  15. FM 13 is the "hardest" so far yes. But not in a good way. Can't make tactics I want in FM13. The only tactics that really work is all overloading the center midfield. Gone back to FM11, been unhappy with both 12 and 13. Not sure if I will continue to play this game series. I found that not doing tactics and just use default tacits and the stupid screams works just as well as a well thought out tactic. I do not see how a player can hear a manager scream in a 80000 stadium to begin with. Football management should be about management and tactics like football, FM13 is just a mess.
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