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  1. ahh right, i must apologise. then being comfortable at that point you instantly would have put all the next chances away, being comfortable at 9-0 by final whistle. lovely. well done Brendan.
  2. a dubious penalty decision as some taxi flagging player in what the 75' odd minute went down again, being the only real chance and if scored means winning "comfortably"? really?
  3. why can't you log in to your old account? alias accounts are not allowed, so let's try to figure that out. I've pm'd you some info.
  4. Great pack this, good work!
  5. i dont try, i do and when i say its over, its over.
  6. i suggest you both just drop it and let it go.
  7. you need to post a bit more info, what version of the operating system are you using? all that good stuff. then someone here will be able to help you get it resolved in a timely manor. thanks.
  8. no spamming.
  9. we prefer you report them when you see them, saving one of your fellow posters possibly getting scammed.
  10. this is OTF. General Discussion has a thread on future wishes.
  11. yeah that sucks, i assumed a win would be a win.