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  1. SI is in a no win situation here. If they simply do what would happen in real life and slam the door shut, people will throw a fit. If they go with silly money bids, they get crushed because "it isn't realistic for a team to turn down 15 million for a teenager" IRL, there are a ridiculous amount of factors in play. How big are the club? A club like Man City, Chelsea or Real Madrid are going to tell you to go to hell if they feel they have a generational talent in their youth system. I don't care if a club offered 20 million. (which nobody would because you can't throw out 20 million and be wrong) A team on the verge of bankruptcy will sell any asset they have. SI tries to balance this. if you want to play the game and simulate real life as much as possible, you'll avoid buying twenty 15 year olds each year and selling them for a massive profit. You'll pick out one or two if your scouts found them early and you can get a good price. Those are the exceptions. You spend your real money on more developed players and try to develop your own youth. SI is essentially saying if you don't want to play the game that way, it's going to make you pay silly money for these guys. You can call it a flaw with scouting. You can get pissed that it isn't done the way YOU want it to be done. But why they do it that way is pretty obvious. With editors and programs like genie scout, you can pretty much play this game anyway you like. If your heart is set on that 15 year old, you can cheat the system and get him. Or you can realize you are playing the game in an unrealistic manner and pay the silly money for him. Or you can get royally pissed and never play the game again. The choice is yours. You can also bring up repetitive points over and over and over again. I'm not sure why you would do the last one, but I guess the choice is yours.
  2. [FM13] [RELEASED] Steklo X3

    NO, NO, NO. . . do not listen to this guy, hop into a time machine and release it yesterday!!! j/k. appreciate the work you do on this every year. The only skin I use.
  3. [WIP] Carbon Skin FM13

    AlienIR, You have code to prove what is your skin and what isn't, right? could you maybe do me a favor? Instead of accusing every person who creates a dark skin of stealing your work, why don't you wait until they are released. Then you can download every skin and find figure out who stole your work and call them out on the board, sue them or do whatever you want to do. Nobody in this community is going to applaud a thief. On the other hand, constant accusations about others work without proof is not going to be looked very well either. Please, no more accusations, ok? When you have proof, go into a thread and go on the attack. If your proof holds up, the community will support you. deal?
  4. As a dumb yank who didn't know anything about football when I started playing FM, "cheating" is how I learned to play the game. I'd actually replay games I won so I could see how tweaking tactics, instructions, pre game morale, etc. worked. At the end of the day, it's a game and the makers need to give you the option of playing how you want to. If you want to win every game because you constantly reset, good for you. Want to manage a lower league and move up to the EPL or you want to manage Man City and build a dream team? It's all up to the user. This is a single player game, the player should enjoy playing it however he wants to do it.