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  1. As the manager of the Dutch national team, I was constantly approached by young Dutch players with a second nationality about their chance to play for the Dutch national team. I also noticed a lot of my young players (at Ajax) had the 'uncommitted' tag. I had some time to mess around a bit in the editor, and I noticed many young players with second nationalities don't have the field 'Nation declared for at youth level' set. Being somewhat familiar with the DB and the editor, I assume this field is new for FM21 and hasn't been filled for most players I've checked. Examples (at Ajax) would be th
  2. So I've been able to play a few games with both the Ajax and Netherlands setup. I've also been constantly tweaking some of the roles and instructions. So far, the results have been promising. As the Netherlands, started with a 3-1 away victory over Bosnia and a 5-1 home victory against a stacked France. As Ajax, won home (friendly) victories against PSV (4-1) and Wolfsberger (6-2). The most important conclusion is that we score a lot of goals and our inability to keep clean sheets (against decent to great opposition). Especially against France, our great defensive pairing of Van Dijk and De Vr
  3. No offense intended, of course. Happy with all input. I'm just trying to replicate the Frenkie de Jong role, which is a bit of a headscratcher for me!
  4. Alright. If I go for the DLP approach, how can I ensure the player will dribble the ball up the field? Will a player with the correct shouts ('runs through the middle', 'runs with the ball often', 'comes deep to get the ball') be enough?
  5. Thanks for the ideas. I'm currently experimenting with IWB's, it does look they sit a bit too narrow for my taste. I might also widen my formation in possession. @GianniM, 2 double DM pivots with a CM seems a bit too defensive to me, and I associate the Regista role with a Pirlo-like player, which de Jong (imo) is decidedly not. I'm looking for a role which makes the player drop deep to collect the ball, dribbles higher up the field and provide the team with smart (short) passes forward, after the player has unlocked the space. The IF(A) and IW(S) is also how I would imagine the wings to
  6. Ten Hag's and Koeman's Ajax and Netherlands sides since the 2018/2018 season have pivoted the more traditional 4-3-3 (with one defensive midfielder) towards the more modern 4-2-3-1 and have inspired me to recreate this tactic in FM21. Though I'm (probably) hardly the first FM'er to try a 4-2-3-1, I'd like to use the roaming playmaker and build my team around such a player. Crucial for Ajax's performances in the CL have been Blind's ball playing defender role, Frenkie de Jong dropping deep to collect the ball to drive the ball up the field and Hakim Ziyech spraying passes in the box, break
  7. A, that explains it but it's a shame indeed. I thought I saw someone from SI in another thread mentioning 30/9, could've misremembered. Almost can't wait for FM22 with Henry, van Axel Dongen, Kalokoh and Misehouy coming up
  8. Hi Red, New year same me. How are you? Sad thing the Ajax staff couldn't be included for this years release, but we'll manage. I noticed Amourricho van Axel Dongen, highly rated Ajax talent, is currently missing from the DB. Since his DoB is 29-9-2004, I think he should be cleared for the game. Especially since he's signed a contract a few months ago: https://www.ajax.nl/artikelen/ajax-contracteert-amourricho-van-axel-dongen/ Hope he can still be added for the final release!
  9. Not sure if you think the Eredivisie counts, but AZ is incredible this year. They have a very young and talented squad and can challenge to break the PSV/Ajax dominance in the Eredivisie. There's also the added challenge of keeping your young talents and building rapport in Europe.
  10. The list is too long to manually copy and because I wasn't part of the Dutch research team this year, I don't want to step on any toes there. As said, I kept PA's (95%) within the limits of their original range (so -7 is 110 to 140, I'm assigning a PA somewhere in that range. Two notable exceptions were Noa Lang and Carel Eiting. I gave Lang a slightly higher PA and Eiting a slightly higher CA (and shuffled some attributes around to mold him to player I think he is in real life). As for staff, I hired Dennis Bergkamp (assistant manager U19 after I fired the former assistant), Pedro Jaro (
  11. Started my own save game last night, as I always wait for the full game and editor to arrive. Made some improvements to the DB (wages, set PA's, fiddled a bit with positions, redistributed some player attributes, added favourite staff etc.) and started a new save. Started as Ajax and Holland manager, really want to play with Frenkie, Matthijs, Gini, Virgil and Memphis. Have only played a few (in-game) days, but so far did the following: Made Juan Castillo's loan move permanent. Am currently scouting a lot of Dutch prospects, as I want this save to focus on the development of the Er
  12. Two things about Haaland: I don't think he fits Ajax particularly well. He has relatively low technique which makes him at the very least an a-typical Ajax striker. Also, he doesn't want to join Ajax at the start of the game, even though his transfer fee (around 20-25M) is very reasonable.
  13. In which case I'll chalk it up to it being the language barrier preventing me from full understanding, followed by a well-meant apology.
  14. Seeing as I'm a former assistent researcher of FM I'm pretty confident I understand how PA works. I presume the editor is out on the 19th too, we'll see for ourselves then.
  15. Highly doubt it, as I think a 16-year old player with only a handful of pro games will always have a negative PA (I don't know, -9 seems likely, which will net him a PA between 150 and 180).
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