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  1. 5 + 3's are your friend!
  2. So I felt I couldn't refuse the offer. 90M for Mazraoui, +20% of future profit. Crazy and insane. I'm promoting Kristensen to start in the first team. Veltman is also still at the club, as are a few youngsters. We'll manage!
  3. Small update: just received a 75M + 20% profit of sale offer for Mazraoui. It's becoming harder and harder to turn down these offers!
  4. Have been offered the Holland job at the start of season 3, so now I'm managing both Ajax and the Dutch national team :-D. Transfer period has been fairly tranquil. Many players out on loan, got rid of Bande, Stengs, Lamprou and Javorek (the czech striker) for a total of ~30M, which is not bad. Only bought a newgen goalkeeper from Sparta that looks promising, and attracted Vincent Janssen and Marco van Ginkel on free transfers. With a Resolute and Perfectionist personality they are good replacements for Huntelaar and Siem de Jong / Zakaria Labyad, which, to be fair, left last season. There's has been a flurry of activity surrounding my players. De Jong, De Ligt, van de Beek, Schuurs, Mazraoui, Kristensen, Onana, Dolberg, Pierie and a wonderkid left back I got for 7M out of Mexico have been attracting serious attention from basically all European top clubs. So far managed to hang onto all of them, although it's going to be very hard keeping Onana. His contract expires at the end of the season and I forgot to renew, now he doesn't want to sign a new one! Here's hoping I can convince him to stay after the transfer period and negotiate a new-and-improved 5-year contract!
  5. Yeah, no question there. Sign the French regen, ship off Gonzalez and make sure you find suitable tutors so he gets a professional / resolute / model citizen personality quickly. I suspect that might be one of the reasons why Gonzalez hasn't developed the way he should've.
  6. Damn, amazing results! Second CL final is really special, extremely well done!
  7. Damn! Buying up all the newgens then? Also, congrats on winning the CL, very well done! Looks like you'll have to work hard to consolidate your title, so good luck there!
  8. Sucks about De Jong. Did he improve at all as a player in your save game? Interested to see the results!
  9. So I finished my second season (had some time on my hands). Predictably won the Eredivisie (only 1 loss and 2 draws) and the cup (final against Feyenoord). Managed to make it to the Europa League final, which we lost 1-3 against Bayern Munich after a stupid red card from Wöber after 30 minutes with 0-0 on the score board. Quite disappointing and Wöber saw a hefty fine after the match as his reward. The most impressive thing was Feyenoord qualifying for the quarter finals of the Europa League before eventually falling against Bayern Munich as well. The above means I came a bit closer to the end goal of this save, which is to lift the Eredivisie up as a whole. Holland rose 3 spots in the nation coefficient rankings (8th spot now, just behind Russia), Ajax is now the 16th club in Europe, right behind Chelsea and Shaktar, but edging out Borussia Dortmund, Napoli and Benfica. The Eredivisie is now a 3,5 star league instead of a 3 star league, so there's some signs of improvement there as well. Fairly happy with how my save is progressing. I'm planning on overhauling part of my squad for next season. I'm selling Lamprou (doesn't get any play time and Onana has a good personality in my save, so no need to keep him on), Stengs (didn't improve at all this season and I can no longer justify to play him), Javorek (my Czech striker has stopped his progression and I now have better options for him) and possibly David Neres (he doesn't develop as much as I had hoped and his performances are consistantly worse compared to Cerny, who I'd like to keep as a backup to Tadic) and Viktor Fischer (already got a 30M bid for him in the winter transfer window, but his 'Perfectionist' personality makes me want to keep him on, although Marin is currently good enough to start as a inside foward on the left wing. I'm conflicted!). I'll also be looking to get rid of a lot of younger players who are good but won't cut it long term, either on a loan or permanently. I'll be looking to sell them domestically for a relatively low price, as they are good enough Eredivisie players and as such might help other teams improve the Eredivisie at a whole. Players I'm currently looking at are Lang, Sierhuis, Bandé (hasn't developed at all after his injury and his loan away to Portugal), Kotarski, De Wit, Ekkelenkamp, Bakker, Jensen, Nunnely (very sad to see he didn't develop as I had hoped), Johnsen and Kühn (could actually stay if I didn't have an ace striker waiting in the wings). I do want to buy a new second or third backup goalkeeper to replace Lamprou. He has to be at least 25+ years old and have a good personality for mentoring incoming young goalies.
  10. RE: The striker, that's my hope as well. Eiting is my favourite stand-in and as such gets like 30 games a season. His personality helped him out a lot as well, I believe he's 'Professional' in my save game. How are you getting on?
  11. Lower table clubs rarely, if ever, give me trouble. I almost always win comfortably with a 2-5 goal margin, often being able to play without conceding. This will only get easier the more seasons have passed. The challenge is progressing in Europe and lifting up the Dutch league, which I view as a more long term goal, but it's fun to work on. I do have to admit that Feyenoord especially overperforms and is able to keep up with me. I don't think I've won a game against them out of 3 played
  12. Chef Raekwon

    Transfers Eredivisie

    You can absolutely get this price for De Jong after season 1 if you play your cards right. I've had an offer for De Ligt for 71M without negotiating after the first season.
  13. Can't speak for the guy, but in FM18 I did the same thing without cheating. You need to be extremely lucky and have a good tactic, but it's doable.
  14. Welcome! Sounds like you have a good handle on your team at the moment. Interesting move in sticking van de Beek up front, let us know how it turns out! I have offered de Jong and de Ligt very good 5 years + 3 years option contract in the first half year, which they both accepted. I plan to keep them throughout the save, they're going nowhere! That said, you can get 50M+ for them in the first season, if you play your cards right. Probably not in the first transfer window, but I have received offers in the first winter transfer window of 40M for De Jong, which I prompty declined.