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  1. Currently, youth ratings for nations resemble the best possible situation a nation can (realistically) have. This is based on various criteria such as its population, level of development, national football infrastructure and popularity of the sport. However, in practice this doesn't really mean much, as the quality of newgens, and the number of high quality youngsters, is majorly influenced by club youth recruitment and development metrics. As you probably know, these figures can be influenced in-game (think board requests) and as such, it does become possible to develop the national talent pool, provided clubs invest in their youth setups. I feel the system is somewhat opaque and improvements done to club youth recruitment and developments can be hard to measure but I think it does a decent enough job at capturing the dynamic of national talent development.
  2. As far as I know, some (a lot) of their personality is random and I also think I lucked out and had some high rolls regarding their PA. I'm not completely sure how my mentoring groups were set up as it has been months since I started that save, but Schuurs probably benefited from De Ligt, Wober and Blind, Mazraoui from Tagliafico (tend to stick backs together) and Eiting from Schone. Beyond that, I honestly don't know anymore. On the flipside, I've had terrible luck with Onana's personality for instance, I believe he started with 4 Determination or so and never improved beyond 'Balanced'.
  3. Unhappiness is often linked to player personality. De Ligt is a model citizen, which means it's relatively easy to keep him happy. I've been rejecting all De Ligt offers since season 1 and he's yet to be unhappy. Whenever he brings it up, I tell him the atmosphere in the dressing room is something he's going to miss and he always agrees with me! This is not 100% fool proof. I remember Ziyech, Marin and probably others getting unhappy while being in the exact same situation as De Ligt. It's also different if a player is just a back-up player. In my last season, Blind, Tagliafico and others were unhappy because of lack of playing time combined with my rejecting offers (have to keep those players with good personalities!) which forced me to at least sell Tagliafico.
  4. And to add to that, I think my top bid for De Jong was around 140-150M, but I don't have the screenshot. Also sold Schuurs for around 70-80M to PSG if memory serves me right. EDIT: messed up the quote, message remains the same!
  5. Would be crazy if they got to play in the CL to *really* kick-start their development! Sadly, my Jong Ajax team just always wins the league, so no chance of promotion!
  6. De Ligt and De Jong keep asking what's up at least twice every transfer period, but after I tell them the atmosphere in the group is too good they always understand. However, so many other players are up in arms when I'm refusing bids, but many often come around later. Right now, I have 5 unhappy players in my squad, 3 are starting 11 players. I'll just play them regardless and renew their contracts with 5 + 3 whenever possible! Didn't think about it, thanks!
  7. I'll leave this here for posterity. I have a current transfer fund of 110M, I have all the space to decline. Transfer deadline is over 1 month away, good chance they'll come back with an even higher bid.
  8. Finished my fourth season. Won the league after 26 games, won the cup for the 3rd time and was knocked out of the CL in the quarter finals. Managed to win against Real Madrid in the first knockout rounds, but eventually lost against Liverpool after a horrible 5-1 away. We won 3-0 at home and even looked on par to score the fourth one, but just couldn't do it. I calculated this would be a transitional year so I'm not too phased by the results, but I do expect to reach the semi's next season. I've built a good squad and only have some problems replacing Van de Beek and Mazraoui, as the youngsters coming through aren't yet good enough to take over, although I'm getting there. I've attached screenshots of my most promising youngsters, and as requested, also Pierie and Marin. Pierie is my back-up at left back, because Garza (also included) is just a world class left back. Pierie starts for my Dutch team though, so I always manage his match sharpness and development accordingly. Marin is my undisputed left inside forward, but he's been unhappy the entire season because I wouldn't let him join Man United. He's been putting in amazing games for me though, so I'm no too worried about that. Matthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong have developed into world class players and every transfer period I'm just clicking 'decline' on all transfer bids coming in. Takes up an annoying amount of time though, so not too pleased with that. My highest bid has been 139M for De Ligt, which I declined with some pain. De Ligt and De Jong are playing at, or close to their full potential. I don't expect any of them to get better though. Gravenberch was my back-up for Ziyech but since I sold him, he's my first choice AMC. He's developing well but he has almost been overtaken by a promising Dutch newgen, Metgod, which I nabbed for 7,5M from AZ. Dave Karelse is my star youngster. He's a MC and plays in my 'De Jong'-position, but I've been giving him more and more game time, as I'm hoping he develops into a better player than De Jong. Right now, my plan is to keep De Jong for one more season and then sell him off, after which Karelse should be almost as good as him. I mentioned having some trouble replacing Van de Beek. He's been doing well, but hasn't become a world class player, although he's not bad by any stretch of imagination. Still, I'm looking to improve my future team, and as such, I spent 47,5M on a young MC (DLP-D or BBM) from PSV, Jalal Saidi. He's already a decent player and I expect him to grow a lot more in the following season. I'm planning on going the Karelse-route for him, so I'm going to give him a lot of game time next season and replace van de Beek after next season, if everything goes to plan. I found 2 amazing Belgian newgens: Jurado and Vandeputte. Jurado ousted Tadic as right winger, while Vandeputte replaced Dolberg as a striker. Dolberg hasn't developed the way I hoped, so replacing him was easy. Vandeputte really has been putting in a lot of work lately, playing well, scoring a lot and developing amazingly. Jurado too, so I'm not complaining there. Also added my Uruguay butcher DC, Walter Britos, who is a capable stand-in for De Ligt. Arnold de Groot (DL), Mohamed Benali (DC), Jorg Metgod (AMC) and Mohammed Mathijssen (AML) should become part of my core team in the next 2 seasons. I'm hoping to play this formation in the near future: GK (Onana/newgen); RB (weakest position, have some youngsters but not sure if any of them are world class), de Ligt, Benali, De Groot; Saidi, Karelse; Jurado, Metgod, Mathijssen; Vandeputte. If everything pans out the way I'm hoping, this would mean a strong Dutch core of players, aided by two stellar Belgians and some other mercenaries on the bench. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be playing this save. I feel like I have a really strong team and I feel the CL is well within range, but getting knocked out early is frustrating and domestic games are starting to become tedious, as expected. I'll be playing at least one more season and evaluate after.
  9. Yeah, he's doing well, although I have a newgen from our very own academy waiting in the wings to take over. He's almost better than Frenkie already!
  10. Damn, amazingly done! Can you share your tactics / first team?
  11. No, but I'm not too concerned with that. He plays as a MC - DLP-S for me and doesn't often find himself in positions where his finishing stats matter. However, I can imagine scenario's where you'd like to see his finishing attribute raised. I'm not entirely sure how to make that happen, but probably train him in a position and role that touches his finishing stat, such as 'AMC - shadow striker'.
  12. I don't do anything to be honest. There are a few reasons: (1) Ajax has its reputation increased because of doing well in Europe, (2) the Dutch competition has had its reputation increased because of good European campaigns by a few clubs (including Feyenoord and Groningen) and (3) they have become (much) better players. I'd rather not lose Schuurs though, as he was the ideal back-up CB after de Ligt and has a model citizen personality, but I felt like 87M was too much to turn down. And I have some more good young CB prospects, so I'm sure I can cope. As for the bids, I don't do anything and the bids just... come right in. I always decline withouth negotiating whatsoever, which seems to drive the price up a bit. So far, had the following offers: De Ligt 139M from Man Utd. Always ignore these because I want De Ligt to be my CB for the next 10+ years. De Jong: 61M from Barca and PSG. Am starting to get tempted because he's never really critical to my games and I have a very good young prospect waiting in the wings. Dolberg: 45M from Dortmund Pierie: 30-50M Wober: 20M Ziyech: Just accepted 50M, had a 70M offer a few seasons ago when I couldn't miss him, with Gravenberch developing I don't see his value anymore. Onana: 30M Basically my entire first team (starting 11 and subs) are being watched and actively being bidded for. I dread transfer windows because of all the offers for my players and me constantly having to placate my players. As for the second part of your question: attributes are never hard coded to (not) improve. It's either a bug or because of an editor file. You can edit the competitions to allow B teams to be promoted. Before posting about this bug, check if you are running an editor file which enables this.
  13. Sound good, am interested to see how your players will develop! Hopefully you can secure a top 2 finish in your CL group this year as well! My most curious piece of business in FM ever has been me selling Mazraoui (at CA/PA 150, I've checked) to PSV for 90M, then PSG not playing him, and me subsequently loaning him back the following season, on 10% of his wages (25,5k) and no further fee. Kind of elated to see him back, as I think his leaving us made my side a lot weaker than I'm willing to admit. EDIT: Just sold Schuurs to Barcelona for 87M, although some parts are locked behind clauses, such as 15M after 10 international games (I'm the current Dutch manager, I reckon this wouldn't be impossible) and 15M after 50 games for them. Schuurs is a good player (linked his profile earlier in this thread) but I'm not sure if he's good enough for Barca. We'll see!
  14. So I picked up my save after the holidays to see if I want to salvage anything from it. Currently starting season 4 and have decided that this season is going to be more of a transitional period, where I'm going to play a lot of my up-and-coming talents regardless of the (importance of the) fixture. This means I'm going to be benching Kristensen, Blind, Dolberg, Fischer, Ziyech and Tadic permanently now, in favour of Hoever, Wöber, Gravenberch, Marin and a few newgens. This provides me with a very good bench but a somewhat weak first team, although I should have no problems retaining the Eredivisie. I would like to challenge for the semi's of the CL in my fifth season. I've also sold off a lot of players to Dutch clubs for a modest fee, in hopes of raising their squad strength. Kühn for 2,5M to PSV and de Wit for 1,8M to Heerenveen and various loans as well. Also had to sell Tagliafico as he become annoyed at a lack of playing time, because he was only the third choice left back. My only signing is Cillessen for 13,5M as he was transfer listed at Inter and I needed a good stand-in for Onana with a good personality for mentoring. This means I still have a 65M transfer budget and over 800k/week left to spend on players. My U19's are starting to look a little weak, so there might be some action up ahead.
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