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  1. Ill start with the development model I've wanted a split of CA/PAs into the three categories (technical, mental, physical) for a long time. It would make more sense in the types of players you get, whether its technical/intelligent types, or intelligent racehorses, that sort of thing. Also the CA rates of growth should be different. Say Physical being quicker to go up/down and mental being a lot slower. It would explain why some players are late bloomers as they finally get their mental/technical attributes up to scratch despite having their physicals maxed out for the last few years, or the types that peak early and decline just as quickly. It would also affect how players go at the end of their careers, as the physicals decline it affects players that are limited in the other areas of their game, whereas mental attributes maybe wont decline and clever players can play longer. I would like this to tie in to their post playing careers with the more intelligent players being better in say tactics training, leadership tying into man management and motivation etc. In regards to the training itself I like the set up in 77caddie's diagram, with the players that are in the same training groups being more blended i.e. two strikers that train together all week should have a better blend than two that might end up in two different groups.
  2. I wouldn't play with three looking for balls over the back. Playing williams a but deeper will hopefully pull ine of their dcs out. If given time he can also run at the defence. Jones is only a but faster than lopez but doesnt have the same level of mental stats for this role ie otb & anticipation. Playing calderon and gaitan seems solid, if you play williams dlfs then two ifa's will work. But if you play someone over the top maybe calderon Wa, and gaitan IFs but remember if they are playing aml/r they wont track back too much anyway so defensive fullbacks on support could be the go here. With the dc's i would play a cover/defend set up because their striker looks like he wants to get behind. I would also tight mark him in oi as his first touch isnt brilliant but if given a chance will burn you if he can run with the ball. He will also use his otb to get into dangerous spots.
  3. Firstly radoi in dm as a dm. Oliviera box 2 box Nestor DLPs I would sit deeper and counter. Which means more defensive fullbacks. What are the weaknesses of their cb's and what type of striker do they play? I'd be tempted to play Williams as a DLFs with a winger and an inside forward.
  4. Very Good centre mids and some other good players in there too. I would say that the midfield battle will be yours to lose. After looking at that a 4-5-1 could be the main shape used. You can put your passer at the base and control play from deep. Or your destroyer there if they get space between the lines. I Would teach the dynamos the 'gets fwd often' ppm
  5. What is his media handling style? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/307808-The-Ultimate-Personality-Media-Handling-Guide
  6. Gets in behind to finish, also able to get on to a cross. Kind of a cross between a target man(a) and a poacher.
  7. Thats pretty much bang on how I'd have it. I find this sort of rigid system of having players with specific roles really helps bringing young players in. Side note. If you are going to play two up top then a 4th striker would be needed, an af type I'd say I normally have a 4th DC who is a youth player in case of injuries
  8. If you train fullbacks to play both sides that will be similar to the wings for the attacking wing backs but also help defend against inverse wingers who will want to dribble past the fullbacks preferred foot for tackling.
  9. 2 left footed wingers 2 right footed wingers Ideally 1 or 2 of the DCs will be able to start counters but if that option isn't available I would aim to get one. You could also maybe try to sneak in a IFsupport type winger(passing from between the lines)
  10. I like to train my wingers to play both wings so left footed winger becomes an right sided inverse winger(think arjen robben) My strikers are 1 physical, 1 poacher/fast & 1 creative Full backs are 1 attacking 1 defensive for each side DCs are 1 fast, 1 big/strong & 1 balanced,
  11. My midfield is made up of a quarterback(passer) a running back(b2b/shuttler) and a linebacker(destroyer) wingers are wide recievers and my striker is a tight end. That is to use gridiron terminology. I have two of each and it's the various combinations of these that give me my flexibility.
  12. I would go with a 4-4-1-1 Just drop your wingers back and defend with two banks of 4. They'll still get forward in possession but more importantly they help out in defence.
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