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  1. I am tempted to start a game with Coventry as Ive always had a soft spot for them over the years.
  2. Cant we have a seperate forum for Steam issues it seems to dominate the General Discussion forum and is getting boring now.
  3. I too am playing as the Yugoslavia national team, so many good players but Vidic retired from internation football within a season which wasnt good but Ive just recently convinced him to come back so Im happy now.
  4. Surely with all the complaints Sigames should do a patch for people who have already bought the game on Steam but cant get it to work cos of Steam, there has to be a solution cos alot of people are suffering, I understand why Sigames have used Steam but you can see how many threads are made cos of Steam.
  5. Try Hans Jorisma or something like that he has decent stats and will come to you.
  6. Oh ok cool Ill have to have a look after Ive finished my Tromso save.
  7. How much money has each of the clubs got that have the sugardaddies ?
  8. Just won the league with 4 games to go, been a good season really enjoyed seeing the players develop just gutted that my chairmen sold Kara and Ciss go behind my back.
  9. Maybe do a Harchester United in level 12 aswell that would be awesome, could be a reborn Harchester after the last episode, you could have some of the older players as coaches etc.
  10. Well the board accepted a 2.5m bid for Kara without my blessing so used to money to buy Okoli, Ive got Kapaty Lviv a Ukranian team in the Europa League 3rd Qualifying round, and top of the league 7 points clear.
  11. I think its the Japan files that are causing the crash dumps just my opinion but I remember it caused me problems with FM2011 and also FM2012 so try deleteing the Japan files and trieing it.
  12. That Hamarkameratene got took over by a rich tycoon so I took over as them and have 12 million to spend on players which I put into my wage budget, going to enjoy this.
  13. This is the first game Ive decided to talk about on here so if I annoy you guys with my multiple posts then I apoligise in advance but Im just really enjoying this save. Right here is the first few results for my Tromso team Won 4-0 against IK Start Lost 1-0 to Stromsgodset Won 3-1 against Molde FK Drew 1-1 with Rosenborg BK Won 6-0 against Lillestrom Signed mostly free transfers reccomended from Heaths shortlist, cheers Heath.
  14. Oh my god the deal to buy them is back on, Im just going to wait untill the takeover is done before I takeover as them.
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