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  1. works fine for me.... (the download, that is. hope the tactic is just as good)
  2. I'm using [v1.11 build 116]. Small database (3789 players, 6757 non-players, 2033 clubs). I just thought of something else, I did create my own league, would that have an effect on things?
  3. Dunno how/why, but it's working perfectly for me. Using a small database, patch 10.3 as well.
  4. I'm trying to put together a super league using the various updated teams but I'm getting some problems. When I add certain teams (e.g. Palermo, Torino, Real Sociedad, Middlesborough - 12 of them in total) the league does not load, but if I remove them it works fine. Dunno if this is a problem with the way I'm doing things (first time I'm messing around with the editor), or if the legends database made some changes which affect these things. Any ideas?
  5. I, for one, would love that. I think someone mentioned it earlier in the thread, but nothing came of it so far.
  6. If you do, please upload it, I'd really love to try it out as well. Was actually hoping that someone did that.
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