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  1. Brilliant skin. ONly thing that is irking me is on the tactic screen the pitch is huge and thus making my squad selector missing stats and average rating. Anything I can do? I have it on full screen and zoomed out 85%
  2. Thanks for the reply. Simmed ten season at Barca (with unsackable applied of course) and Montoya retired so I got the unlockable. Gonna start one with my club Burnley and hopefully my son becomes the greatest player to grace the Turf.
  3. Hi all, was just wiondering if to gt the son the player has to be under your management of the club for ten years before retiring or if he could retire after say 2 years of you being there but he himself being there for 10?
  4. Might do one where I'm only gonna buy the La Masia products that got away. Icardi, Bellerin come to mind
  5. Hi all, downloaded LFC Marshalls wonderful january update and I noticed Brooklyn Beckham is there, but he hasn;t got a picture. How on earth do I give him one?
  6. Started with Barrow, gonna just outscore my opponents till we get into the football league then I'm gonna adopt a Greece/Senegal tactic from 2004/2002
  7. Bit off topic but I've always wanted to start an MLS save just for the superdraft but I always mess up the transfers/registration rules etc
  8. Always handy to check Crewe's youth intake. Had a couple frm there with me at Real Madrid before, can;t ge much bigger than that.
  9. Just looked through some of the faceinthegame players (noticed Neil Brock is doing pretty well at Wolves) when I notied my star centre back at Bayern was in the list. So I ask, which legend is Phillip Seeger?
  10. nvm lads it turns out I was putting the code in wrong. Delete thread.
  11. Put the disc in the drive, reinstalled it but it is still saying it's the BETA. Real annoying.
  12. Can't find it. Not in the tools subsection and I'm playing the full game.
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