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  1. Just started this challenge in Chile. Will post and update with my profile and pre season report. Practically salivating at the prospect of signing Rivaldo though.
  2. FM13 Big Euro Challenge

    Bit of a lurker round here :L But congrats on the promotion SoccerJoel Tran looks like a handy little player! As for me I might dip my toes in the water with a save over the weekend, started one before but never got round to posting, but got a bit more time now so.
  3. FM13 What team should I be!

    Nation: European Division: Top Division. European Competition: Not fussed Media Prediction: Mid Table. Board Expectation(s): Transfer Budget: a couple of million. Wage Budget: Finances: Good Other: Good young players. Want to build a team long term.
  4. Just started a game as the Saints. I'm thinking I need to bring in a new LB because Fox looks a bit out of depth, currently I'm looking at bringing in Neil Taylor from Swansea. Any other recommendations? Formation wise im thinking of going for a 4-4-2 with the wingers pushed on so I can have both Lambert and Jay Rod upfront.
  5. FM13 Big Euro Challenge

    Yeah classic is fine as far as nations are concerned... Going on holiday now! EDIT: However, unless im being a noob, there doesn't seem to be able to choose you database size etc. Gonna have a play around with it and see what sort of database size I have. Might have to go for the classic sking on normal fm though
  6. FM13 Big Euro Challenge

    Thinking of starting this! Are you guys using classic or the full fat version of FM?
  7. Is there any way to view a players average position during matches and if so how?
  8. I don't get this game sometimes. Just had to sub off one of my centre backs injured after 11 minutes. His replacement has just been sent off for a stupid foul after 14 minutes.
  9. Adam “Le God” - FC Mulhouse – Pre Season Review – 2011-2012 Forward as one! Profile – Personal Info - Fixtures - League Table - Transfers - Tactics Fixtures: A pleasing start to my first season in charge of Mulhouse there were some very encouraging performances against so called ‘better’ and ‘bigger’ teams. A particular highlight of preseason was a 3-0 victory in our first match against Marseille, a match where we outplayed them and thoroughly deserved our victory. Unfortunately we couldn’t add another scalp and where defeated by Lyon, but we were able to bounce back with a well worked 3-1 victory over Ligue 2 FC Metz. We also recorded victories over Grenoble, Paris FC, Strasbourg and ASM Belfort. All in all then a very pleasing pre-season, some good performances against some bigger opposition, which could be a good sign for any future cup competitions that we can play our game and get results against much better opposition. Transfers: After looking at my team report I decided that, whilst most of the players where of a decent standard, I would need to bring in some better players if I am to achieve my season target of challenging for a playoff spot. In total I brought In 14 players, with some good prospects and released 20 players who didn’t meet the grade. It’s a harsh world. Abdou Dieye: I brought this guy in on a free after his contract expired. As you can see he is rapid and he should cause havoc amongst defences. Dieye should be a key player for us with his abundance of pace and decent finishing and dribbling, stats that I will be looking to increase. At age twenty four, Dieye should be a key cog for a few years. Jordan Ferri: When I saw that this guy had been released by Lyon I jumped at the opportunity to sign him. He has decent stats already and my scout rates him at being a potential leading Ligue 1 midfielder in the future. This lad will probably get the majority of game time as my more defensive minded. Whilst I don’t know if this is linked but his value is now 275k so even if he doesn’t make it I can shelve him on for a hefty profit. Florent Diallo: I signed this lad after my scout unearthed him whilst scouting The Ivory Coast. I had to pay 100k compensation for the deal but my scout rates him as being a good Ligue 1 midfielder in the future. This guy will probably play a fair amount of games in either the more defensively minded central spot or my more attacking playmaking role. I want to develop this guy into a defensively minded central midfielder who is not afraid to spray his passes around. Other notable signings were: Wilfried Louisy-Daniel: Brought this guy in because he offers an alternative option up front. We will be able to 'lump' it up to him and he is capable of holding the ball up. Should provide more of an aerial presence than Dieye. Richard Trivino: Brought this guy in as my new first choice goalkeeper. He offers the vital experience that we need in goal at this level. Plus his stats ain't bad either. Maxime Le Borgne: This guy was singed becuase he is a good alround defender, He can tackle, is decent in the air and has a bit of pace on him. Should be my first choice. Donatien Cotinet: This guy was brought in after impressing at a club organised trial day. Whilst he is lacking in a few areas i liuke his dribbling ability and i feel he can fill a role as an impact player. Christian Bassila: This guy offers a wealth of experience and should be a rock at the back. Despite his lack of pace, he is a good reader of the game and he is preety good in the air too. Hopefully he can pass on some of his knowledge to improve my younger players. Tactics: Tactics wise I will be playing a 4-2-3-1. I chose this formation because I thought the extra man in midfield would allow me to play some slick passing football. My wingers are set up to cut inside and make runs in between the opposition centre back and full back to latch onto any through balls made from my rangey centre Mids. This shape allows me to easily change my style of play and with the options I have in my squad I could easily push the centre mids back to play more defensively if I need to. Season Objectives: - Challenge for a playoff spot. - Develop my youth prospects - Improve finances
  10. Good result away from home PRDH those away goals leave you in a good position for the second leg. Good luck. You look like your doing very well there iseemonsters1. Your in a good position for the second half of the season. Keep it up. Just started my first season and I have played what is probably the most exiting game i have had on FM in a long time. I managed to see of Rodez 5-4. But after being 4-1 up after 50 minutes i wasn't too chuffed when they pulled 3 goals back.
  11. Jeez iacovone that guy looks like an absolute monster. aldojags glad to see its not just me who had a crappy fitness problem. efrumttr Hopefully your board will allow you some more staff soon. Oh and good signings there 'Badra' and 'Bernardo' look decent.
  12. Bloody hell my board are really generous. They have already increased my number of scouts from 2 to 6 and after a cheeky bit of negotiation i have manged to get them to uprgade my youth facilities. Im chuffed. Cheers for the tip aldojags, I was thinking about doing this but I wasn't sure whether the cash would be better than a poorer morale. So I decided to sort of do both in a tour to Switzerland, I have arranged two friendlies against so called 'bigger' opposition but have included a number of friendlies against smaller clubs to keep the morale up. Also did you find that your players where disgracefully unfit at the start of your game? is it something to with the P/T contracts or Training? or is it just my players being lazy buggers.
  13. Im not sure if its is the same in other nations, but in France all of my players are on part time contracts. This has raised a few problems with training my players. Basically I can't use my normal schedules that I use on my other saves because they are full time schedules. I was wondering is it worth me creating dedicated P/T schedules or shall i just plug on with the default game schedules until I can use my F/T ones? Does the P/T schedules even have that much effect on players development? Edit to include: I should also mention to you guys that I am the proud new manager of Football Club de Mulhouse. Im going to wait until after i have finished pre season to update you so that i can roll two updates into one longer, better one.
  14. Cheers for that aldojags got one of my scouts out in Africa as we speak, the other is plying his trade roaming around central Europe. Brought in a new Ass Man and a couple of decent players already, so things are looking decent at the moment.
  15. My first foray into lower league management has been a disaster. I was sacked just before Christmas with the club languishing rock bottom of the league 6 points from safety. This lower league management is a lot harder than it looks. I'm not going to let this initial failure demoralise me and I have jumped straight back in to the challenge where Im currently holidaying in the nation of France.