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  1. I managed to get Barrow from the non league north to the championship over a number of years and i still had a young striker who is only valued at a good league 2 player but everytime i put him into the side due to injury or as a sub, he comes up with the goods....he has 9 goals in 14 games so far...if they produce the goods for my side then i dont care what star ratings they have.
  2. It was considering he is only valued at $22mAU and cost me nothing. and yes, it was all up front. I think i made over $300m profit in that transfer window.
  3. Especially when the scout has picked up 2-3 average youth players from a certain side but missed the 5 star wonderkid who stands out like a sore thumb.
  4. He is reportedly on £600k pw and after tax £280k pw
  5. 99mAU for my top striker whom had a release clause of 99mAU. I was shocked as thats why i put it that high to keep people away. That was until PSG came calling.
  6. England taxes are a lot lower than spains. Ronaldo is on £600k per week but takes home £280k per week
  7. Yeah, some of them are quick funny and annoying! I had mine tell me the other day we are very thin on the right midfield position....The ass man has been at the club for 6 yrs and i DO NOT use right midfielders, i would`ve thought he should know this by now haha.
  8. Would be nice to see it put in seeing as it is now part of the A league. COME ON BAYSWATER!!!
  9. In FM14 i have seen nothing of the sort, i can see this because it could cause legal proceedings with current players but there is no reason why it couldn`t happen with regens.
  10. You didn`t ask the board for something and release it to the 'press' did you as that can lead to termination if the board are not happy.
  11. League One Final: 13/14: 51,757 Preston v Swindon 14/15: 51,756 MK Dons v Portsmouth 15/16: 51,766 MK Dons v Bradford 16/17: 51,760 Doncaster v Southend 17/18: 51,769 Southend v Bristol City 18/19: 51,758 Plymouth v Derby Co. 19/20: 51,762 Birmingham v Sheff Wed 20/21: 51,759 Luton v Southend 21/22: 51,760 Bristol Rovers v Blackpool Very Very static. The Birmingham v Sheff Wed game would`ve been a near sell out
  12. Yes i think they are! I just checked back in one of my saves and all my playoff finals in league 1/2 are almost EXACT to yours...bit disappointing.
  13. You risk the chance of other sides signing him at the end of his contract and COULD ask higher wages as more clubs might be interested OR, you could miss out completely if he signs another contract with West Ham before the end of the season If you need him i would sign him otherwise wait and see what happens.
  14. Been using your tactic sets since the very start and have had massive success with all the sides i have used. I have just managed to get Barrow from non league north in England to the EPL in just over 8 years and are having great success with my young kids I want to try out your new tactics but my squad is built around your other tactic and i have no wingers anywhere in my squad!! I don`t want to quit my Barrow save as im really enjoying it at the minute, so in the summer i might save the game and sell a few players and bring in 3-4 good wingers.
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