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  1. Demis Ohandjanian for me. Think it was 97-98. Not the best stats by a long margin, but did the job on the pitch
  2. Let out the journalist in you

    You could always leave the press conference to your assistant. Oh, and I also think this would be a great idea.
  3. Best ever achievement

    I've got the mighty Bath City to the quarter final of the sultana shield. Rave on!
  4. Slow button reaction!!!

    I used to get this all the time. I happened upon a solution that worked for me. I cleaned out the cache before running FM. It then ran like a dream. Processing time was increased noticebly and I no longer got any lags or pauses in the game. If I'm on the net at the same time as FM, I occasionally still get slowdown, but running a memory disk cleaner sorts that out for me. Like I said it works for me, so I don't know if it would be the same for you.
  5. Female Managers

    Manchester United would like to offer you the job of manager. This will be for approx 1 year to cover maternity leave. Remember women are BETTER at men at many things...... Cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing up. All joking aside I think football is one of the last professions where equal rights have no impact. Why? If a lady were to take over at West Ham, and if she got them into europe next season based on her managerial skill, would the hammer fans be bothered she was female? They wouldn't be bothered if she came from Venus. Its the ability to do the job that counts surely? I don't think it will be light years away before human rights demand the chance for women to break into a male dominated sport. And it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. I've worked for some terrifying female bosses in the past who would give fergie a run for his money! Anyway, Everyone knows Kevin Keegan and his perm was the first lady of football.
  6. Message in the bottle...

    I'm a night security guard. Work 12 hours a night. Take off the 1 hour or so walking around checking things, and most of the time I'm on my laptop playing FM. Look at the cctv every now and again, and get up to make meself a brew. Apart from that the rest of the night is pure quality FM time. Boss don't mind, as when its his turn,he does exactly the same thing. And they pay me handsomely as well