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  1. 12 + 6 million in signing bonuses and 150k a week with unreal appearance fees and goal bonuses... I know you have lots of money and nothing to spend it on but is that worth it? xD
  2. Anyone had any luck with a tactic using an AMC?
  3. Bilbao is a good shout! I just recently started with Shakhtar and it's been okay so far. I'm going to see where that takes me and if it fails like any other save, I'll definitely try Bilbao out!
  4. I'm trying to get into FM after a while out. Haven't played a real save since FM2011. There I took Norwich to about 20 league titles and multiple trophies on the side. Played to around 2050+ and I loved every single minute. I'm looking for a team that can hold itself up pretty much automatically in the first season and probably get a decent budget in the second. Not a top 6-7 team and not a bottom 6-7 team. I don't want to fight relegation or challenge for the european spots. Just mid-table team. Nation: Any of top nations Division: Top divison Europe: No Media Prediction: 8-14 Board expectations: 8-14 place Transfer Budget: Decent. Would like to loan and buy a player or two. Wage Budget: Enough to not put me in a minus. Finances: secure+ Other: See first paragraph. Edit: A bit more of what I'm looking for. Relying on the youth system a bit later on. Meanwhile I'm building it up, I'd like to buy unnoticed talent. In my old Norwich save in FM11 I bought Pablo Sarabia in the first season (loaned him and bought him after the season) and he played for me until retirement. Then I got a youth striker from my own facilities and he was the best regen I've ever seen. It's a save like that I want, where I'm connected to the team in every way. I haven't found the right team since then and it has affected my love for the game. Cheers:)
  5. I finished my first season yesterday, only bringing in Diego Costa and sent Ake on loan. As you probably know, Chelsea is filled with bad players on high wages and your first priority should be to lower that wage bill and have a more economical squad. I sold around 20-30 players for around 200 million combined. Brought up a lot of young players like Zouma, Chalobah, Courtois, van Ginkel, Piazon and Hazard jr. They are more than capable for a lot less money than your current squad. Try to get rid of the older high wage players like Eto'o, Torres, Schurrle (skill doesn't represent wage), Cech (Courtois better, younger and cheaper) and try to get Lamps to sign a lesser wage contract.
  6. Ok, I'm going to implement a tactic with wingers for next season but I'm stuck on what I should go for. I'm looking to bring in Lacazette and either the winger pair from Ukraine Konyoplanka and Yarmolenko or the PSV wingers Bakkali and Depay. Does anyone have any experience with playing Southampton with wingers and can suggest some tactics? And if someone has experience with these pairs of wingers, please let me know how to get the best out of them!
  7. Does this team have any foundation at all after Zouma is off to Chelsea?
  8. I need a DLP in a DM position for the forseeable future to control the game for me. Any suggestions?
  9. Yea it's your tactic I found here I'm using. I just thought you had quit the thread so sorry for not giving you credit for it mate! (Kinda forgot your name as well ) But when I'm expected to win I switch to my 4-2-3-1 tactic with 3 AMC's and put Lallana, JWP and Gaston behind Jay Rod and I score goals that way. I'm not in-game atm so can't link the tactic but I think I found it in this thread too. But I really like the tactic against better/same opposition because they just can't find a way through that defense. And I say it again, the counter attack potential in this team is insane so scoring goals is easy enough against any opposition. I put 5 past Fulham for example. When I meet a team that plays defensive I sometimes use the tactic and change the philosophy to control or attacking and that gets me like 2-3 goals against the likes of Stoke. The magic of this tactic is, you don't get many chances, but when you do, you score almost every time. With a clinical finisher up top (Jay Rod), two wing backs that can use their pace and cross the ball (Shaw, Clyne) and a rock solid defense, this can't go wrong.
  10. The thing is, I tried their IRL style but it didn't work so I started again and tried this one and it's amazing. I got Wanyama as the DM/RGA, Schneiderlin as the CM/D and JWP as the CM/A. I don't like the AMC role in this game and IMO, Southampton are short for wingers so I didn't want to do something just because they had 1-2 good IRL. This tactic ensures defensive capabilities against any team I meet domestically and Southampton are so good on the counter so it works! The full backs get the ball and bang forward. Either JWP or them find a cross or a through ball and the strikers score most of the time.
  11. It is possible of course. City have Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool away in their last games and get visited by a firing Southampton side. They're bound to slip up somewhere. Chelsea is the most worrying though. Mourinho showed today again that he's a tatical genius and he always manages to win the league somehow. And Chelsea do have an easy program ahead of them for the remainder of the season. I'm confident we'll beat them both at Anfield though IF we show up like vs Arsenal, Spurs and United. IMHO, we deserve it the most of the 3 teams competing. Best football, most goals, best player in the league, 2 top scorers, 2 top assisters and our way of destroying our rivals is just immense. In hindsight, the dropped points at Swansea, Newcastle and at home to Southampton are really dreadful points to drop. Just imagine had we won the Southampton game back in september
  12. Kind of a dead thread but if anyone's starting or is in need of a tactic get this one http://gyazo.com/845b8a5e3ec165689199fdf86664b8d2 Top of the league after 10 games with 8-2-0 record and 21-7 goals for/against. Tell your team to drop deeper instead of having the high defensive line against pacey forwards or world-class strikers. Mind you, I've only beaten teams that are expected to be in the lower half of the table but I just beat City 1-0 and drew 4-4 at Goodison. Everton are tied with me at the top btw. My christmas period is Liverpool (A), Arsenal (A), Newcastle (H) and Man Utd (H) and i'll update after it just for confirmation if this tactic actually works in the long run against big teams. The two strikers are my main threat and they score every game. Tight defense means almost no goal scoring opportunities for the opposing side and the counter is deadly with the pace of the Sot'on side.
  13. We must realize too that wins vs Chelsea and City doesn't get us the title. City are in the driver seat the whole way, Chelsea follow them and we are coming through the backdoor without pressure on our backs to win it. We've got our target top 4 finish and that's brilliant with the squad we have. The title is in our reach but it's a long reach so keep expectations to a minimum guys COYR
  14. This. No matter what team you are, Germans don't move from their team unless they're unhappy or whatever. Really annoying. Wonder if you are managing Bayern and can buy them then? Has anyone tried? Most Germans seem to want to play for Bayern, no matter what club they previously played for. The German talent is immense in this game.
  15. Went with Romero at the end. Lars had high wages and a huge signing bonus and I'm trying to keep the wages to a minimum and trying to turn a good profit every year. Sold Lucas on for 35 million just now too.
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