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  1. Hi guys, what should I do when opponent seem like playing a very tight marking & intensive closing down game? My players were never able to receive the ball in comfortable situation, and many times get intercepted before he even receive the ball. Strangely, I still able to get 71% pass completion. I play 4231, with no Playmaker, Left IF and Right Winger, Standard & Flexible, only TI is Pass Shorter.
  2. I just wonder if irl, anyone has got a broken leg after jumping for the ball before? Most of the injuries I got was "attempt to sprint" or "jump for the ball". I understand that it does happen irl, but perhaps the game can be more descriptive and more realistic about how player get injury? Maybe something like got a "broken leg after a horrendous tackle from ABCD player" and then the Manager can go to the press and express his angry towards ABCD player. I'd love to have something like that.
  3. End up signing Tello because Lingard looked to join Depay at Lyon. I please with Tello. Mid March and he had 14 goals & 9 assists in 35(8) matches. Not bad at all. Though he's more effective on the right side as Winger than on the left side as IF or Raumdeuter. What a bargain signing
  4. Hi all, I have some questions regarding my 4-1-2-3 developing. 1. Does anyone knows if Raumdeuter is a ball-magnet or not? 2. How can I get my AMR/AML to dribble less (not IF or W) but also not a ball-magnet (AP or WTM) as well? 3. I need advise on my 4-1-2-3 setup, currently my attackers are so isolated. I notice both my central mids & wingers constantly dribble a lot into a cul-de-sac and then lose the ball. (only 2 TIs: deeper D-Line & Look for overlap). 4. What do you do when your opponent pressing too high and force your defender (when on the ball) to make mist
  5. hi all, my centre backs has been too aggressive, they almost always go for air balls from opposition keeper, thus leaving huge gap behind them. This allows opposition AM to take the advantage and facing my keeper. Here's the clip to illustrate my point, I am : My centre backs are Central Defender - Defend and my DM is DM - Defend. I have Close Down More as the only TI in a Standard mentality and Flexible team shape, but I check my CD close down meter, it's just half the bar. How can I tell my centre backs not to engage air balls when it's not in their zonal?
  6. Hi guys, I'm in 2nd season of my Bournemouth save. I sold Ibe for Stoke and currently need a replacement on the right flank for my 4123 tactic. I will deploy my AMR as Winger. Both of the players are listed and extremely want to join me for Europa League football. Has anyone has any success with any of them? Which one should I take? Or any alternative? (I have 14M budget and 90k/week). thank you
  7. I never have luck selling him, so try to learn to love him and use him ^^ How much do you buy Mandzukic at First season?
  8. @llama: Giroud is even more effective but since it's rarely getting the best out of Podolski, I would prefer to promote him Moreover, Giroud has higher rate, Score more goals and have much more key passes, but he's not even in the shortlist for Fifa Ballon Dor'. I don't understand. I am looking for tactic with 2 strikers since Jackson Martinez started to blend into the squad. I would love to have Podolski/Jackson Martinez & Giroud upfront That will be great :3
  9. Hi guys, has anyone got lucky with Lukas Podolski? Because I think I just did. Beat Messi and vPersie on the race to World Player of the Year, get into FIFA XI of 2013 and playing so well & consistency. Here's some screenshot "][/url] "][/url] "][/url] "][/url]
  10. 1/ So you're saying cohension, players have each others on Favourite list are just useless TT_____TT 2/ I made some observation myself. It seems that 1 CCC = "1 shot + when no defender is putting presure on + it's a one-on-one or facing empty goal situation. 3/ Similar to 2, do you know how Mistake are counted? Mispass, losing headers, etc? I personally would love to look at statistic since I've witness so many players with low attribute but play very well and consistently well. I think by looking at the stats, I would find a quality, cheap and unknown player and turn him into a world class
  11. I have couple of stupid questions, but I think it would be interest to know/test. 1/ I have a player with low Anticipation, for say Ramsey (Anticipation = 12). Now, I read around that player need this attribute to foresee his teammates' "run off-the-ball" so that he can pull a through pass and if the player's anticipation is low, it will be more likely to result in a poor pass. So my question is, if I cannot train his anticipation, could I increase "the result high anticipation brings" by keeping Ramsey playing alongside with, for example, Giroud for a long time? Using their cohesion as antic
  12. I use 4231 Denmark and follow the 12 Steps guide to keep things simple. Control/Balance with TIs: Short pass + play out of defence. --------------------------GK-------------------------- FB-S----------CD-D----------CD-D----------WB-A ---------------BWM-S-------DLP-D----------------- W-A-------------------Treq--------------------IF-A -------------------------F9--------------------------- I play Arsenal and usually see "Weak passes" occur along my left flank. If I have to point out someone, I would say I saw it most often from Santi Cazorla. However, when I try to warn him about his passes
  13. Hi guy, please help. My players suddenly lose their... sharpness??? I don't know what it's called exactly but their passes are weaks (don't reach the destination, even if dry ground and short distance) and their shots are very inaccurate. I think it should be training problems so I put my players on Attacking schedule and Attacking Movement preparation but still nothing change.
  14. Hi all. How could you copy/extract/use AI's tactic? I want to copy Manchester United's and Chelsea's tactics in my save since they win almost every match. They played 4-2-3-1 with their CMs position themselves very well. So I wonder if I can copy their instruction and use it. Anyone know how? Is it possible?
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