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  1. Congrats mate, that's well deserved reward for sticking with your save. I would at minimum be very interested in a screen of your current squad. Myself I recently finished the 19/20 season, which contained some highs and some lows. Will do a reasonably long write up later. In the mean time, here's a lil teaser...
  2. The revolution is done! After a hectic summer, our first team squad is now 100% italian. The only deal I thought twice about was Adil Rami. I couldn't find anyone as good to replace him (Juventus wouldn't let Bonucci go despite desperate offers of €65m) but when he started moaning about the sale of the moderately talented Benedicic, it just felt right to let him go. Instead of a proven replacement for Rami I've signed two talented 20-somethings, hopefully one of them can grow into a proper partner to Angelo Ogbonna. The only worry is that Ogbonna wants us to strengthen the squad after the sale of Diego Lopez. Apparently, he doesn't see what everyone else sees in Mattia Perin. Maybe the best "signing" of them all. I have no idea what's gotten into this old grafter - but I sure like it! Don't know about Juve in particular, but I'm at the christmas break in season two and the competition at the top is freaking relentless. At this rate, one sorry club will take 85 points but don't even make the CL places.
  3. Haha, that's insane! Or dedicated, I guess. Going exclusively home-grown can be a fun concept, but I'm not sure a club of AC Milan's history and stature is the best choice.
  4. Hey guys, just finished my first season with Milan and thought I should do a write up. Usually I prefer to manage mid sized clubs (Tottenham, Hamburg, Sevilla, etc) and take on the elite, but there's a certain lure in trying to bring a stumbling giant back on their feet. I like to add some kind of restriction/challenge too, just to keep it interesting, so for this save the rule is simple: cento per cento italiano. I'm only allowed to sign italian players, and I have to sell our foreigners as soon as I find suitable replacements. Can we end Juve's Serie A dominance and conquer Europe with an all italian squad? No idea, let's find out. TRANSFERS Manolo Gabbiadini, 22, ST© [€6m from Sampdoria + €4.25m from Juventus] Danielle Baselli, 22, M© [€8m from Atalanta] Out Nigel de Jong [€10m to PSG] Philippe Mexes [€500k to Marseille] Fernando Torres & Marco van Ginkel [loans terminated] January Angelo Ogbonna, 26, D© [€4.5m from Juventus] replaced Alex [€1m to Monaco] SERIE A We were hard to beat in the league, but not clinical enough in front of goal. Despite an almost shocking lack of creativity in the squad (how can a club go from Pirlo and Kaka to Muntari and Essien?) we did just enough to keep up with the chasing pack - without ever really threatening to win the scudetto. We lost just once in our first 22 games, including a run of nine clean sheets in ten, but then we suddenly started shipping goals left, right and centre. In the end we needed an injury time winner against Fiorentina on the last day of the season to secure forth place and european qualification. It's funny, we could have given away all three points to Viola just to deny Inter the league title, but this club should be above such shenanigans. 1 Inter 80p +39 2 Juventus 80p +49 3 Fiorentina 78p +39 4 Milan 74p +34 5 Lazio 73p +21 6 Roma 73p +29 COPPA ITALIA One word: Horrible. Despite the arrangers for some reason favouring the big sides (why do we automatically play at home against smaller clubs? Makes no sense) we messed up badly. After defeating Pro Vercelli witout problems we lost at home to eventual serie B-relegatees Carpi, 1-4! A truely disgraceful effort from our team, no matter if it included a couple of reserves. The only saving grace is that the board doesn't care about the coppa so at least it didn't get me fired. SQUAD Pretty happy with our individual perfomances. A bit more creativity from central midfield might have turned a couple of draws into wins, but defence was good and attack too. Some key players: Diego Lopez, 31 games, 14 clean sheets, 6.99 Adil Rami, 30 games, 4 goals, 7.13 Stephan El Shaarawy, 17(10), 9 goals, 5 assists, 7.16 Jerémy Menez, 21(1), 9 goals, 4 assists, 7.22 Giacomo 'MVP' Bonaventura, 36(1), 14 goals, 9 assists, 8 PoM, 7.36 Manolo Gabbiadini, 33(4), 19 goals, 13 assists, 7.06 YOUTH I'm planning on giving youth ample opportunities, so it was nice to see our kids dominate Italy. We won the U20 league, the U18 league and the prestigous Torneo di Viareggio. Invidually we have to mention young Zakaria Hamadi who scored three goals for the senior side - all game-winning - thus earning us a cool six points on his own. Boy looks more exciting than Hachim Mastour in my eyes. FUTURE PLANS There's a small chance the squad could be 100% italian as early as next season. We should have enough squad depth with exciting youth coming through and some home-growns returning (Nocerino, I'm looking at you). I'm planning to use the kids to a large extent in the Europa League, so that should be exciting. But we need some quality additions to challenge for the scudetto, not least if we have to replace the french. At right wing Cercio or Candreva (if we can afford him) should be just as good if not better than Menez, but I have no frikking idea how to replace Rami - the true leader of our defense. At least we shouldn't have to worry about the goalkeeping spot for the next decade: once Genoa got relegated we swooped in for Mattia Perin, so I'm glad that's sorted.
  5. Not sure, but the projections often seems to be way off the actual outcome for me. You just didn't believe in him enough!
  6. I have the same sub-goal for Kane, but it feels pretty far away at the moment. Anyhow, his penalty stat is 1 in 3 for me, so no more penalties for Hurricane.
  7. Yay! Well done! Boy is special, that's for sure. I went back to my save to check one thing, and noticed another awesome quality to Onomah. Since giving him his debut a couple of years back he's taken 20 penalties for us - and scored all but one. Ironically, his only miss came against a former Spurs youth in Brentford's David Button.
  8. Good Q. IMHO Poch doesn't really use "holding" midfielders per se (at least not since dropping Capoue), they both have the freedom to roam. He likes the midfield to be compact with players close to each other, so I wouldn't use them in the DM strata. Mason as B2B and Bentaleb as DLP, both on support duty, is how I would replicate Poch's system in FM15. To support my point, here is Mason's and Bentaleb's heat maps against Arsenal: They're both quite mobile, even if Bentaleb tends to hang back some more.
  9. Wow, well done. Also, Jack Jackman is a great name for a player.
  10. Oh boy. Squad registration time, and we have a grand total of 15 senior players (aged 21 or higher). This will be an interesting season. Possibly my last, depending on Levy's patience / if the kids can take the next step.
  11. Haha, I know. Personally I had to take a break from my save after edging too close to burnout. Last season ended pretty badly despite Hurricane being top scorer in the league, let's see if I can find the enthusiasm again. It's the summer of 2019 and we're just about to sell the last of the superstars. Man Utd offered me a job interview but I'm not done with Spurs yet!
  12. I presume you meant contracts expiring in the summer of 2015?
  13. I'm sure he is, but talented enough to play the World Cup for England and joining the exclusive Golden Boy awards club? That would be Franco Baldini. Personally I never use the DoF, though I have toyed with the idea of doing a Football Head Coach save - where I would leave ALL transfer/contract decisions to the board. "Oh, you didn't need a forth right back but absolutely zero attacking reinforcements this window? Sorry, my bad."
  14. Yeah, I'm pretty stoked myself. Think it's the first time ever one of my players wins that award, so it feels pretty special. Sadly, I'm afraid he won't become quite so special IRL. Very well done. Got a screenshot for your tactics/first XI?
  15. Have you signed them up yet? Sometimes the youth gets a bump in their ratings once they've signed a contract.
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