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  1. Hi there and thanks for your efforts Knap - looking forward trying this tactic out. Could you, or anybody else for that matter, elaborate on which type of players are actually needed for this tactic? What attributes should I look for in the different positions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Where do u find the game stat for goalkeeper called "saves predicted"?? Or is it called something else? Big thanks !!
  3. Playing with the updated strikerless tactic and absolutely loving it !! Good job. I have a couple of questions though Mr. OhhScottySinclair: The central midfield players have a BWM-role, but should I still consider them as a DLP and BBM according to the player description in your opening post or go for a typical hardworking BWM? Do you still train them as the role they play in or according to PI's? Let's take the above mentioned midfield players as an example, should they be trained in their position as BWM or rather according to actual PI's as DLP/BBM? Thanks in advance.
  4. Compared to the other 4330 (with AM's) posted in the Blue Matter 352 & 3511-thread, do u recommend using this one with SS instead? Thanks in advance.
  5. Mr. Knap, thank you for your efforts on this - great work. I'm trying to figure out the type of strikers needed for this tactic. My initial assumptions: DLF = creative striker (good vision + passing) CF = strong striker (strong + heading) AF = the fast poacher kind of guy (speed + finishing) Is this correct interpreted? Thank you.
  6. @Welshace: Dell-uk does not deliver outside UK and the same spec at Dell.de shop is 79€ (50€ + 29€ shipping) higher (http://www.dell.com/de/p/inspiron-15-7559-laptop/pd?oc=cn95710&model_id=inspiron-15-7559-laptop). @Barside: Thanks!! My purchase included free shipping as well. I haven't been able to find a better deal for my spec without the non-touch ultra HD displays.
  7. Thanks for the input Mr. Barside - much appreciated. After careful consideration, much thought and some late nights of research (going almost through the entire pages here an half the www : ) I made up my mind: https://www.notebooksbilliger.de/dell+inspiron+7559/incrpc/lastseen Sprinkled with 8GB additional RAM (16GB in total) + 850 EVO SSD 250GB M.2. I can hopefully lead my Southhampton side to glory : )
  8. Thanks for the advice Barside - much appreciated. So I have to decide whether the €200 is worth the upgrade going from i5-6200U to i7-6500U in respect to FM performance. Does the i7-6500U however have an impact of the graphical aspect of the game when in 3D? Or would the i5-6200U ( https://www.notebooksbilliger.de/ace...e+e5+574g+56u6) still be smooth and fluid in high/very high setting? If Save on Laptops would ship outside of UK I would have opted for the Dell Inspiron 15-7000 for £699, but they don't unfortunately.
  9. Greetings folks Since my 2008 MacBook Pro can’t handle FM16 the way I would like to, so I’m on a look-out for a new laptop that enables: a smooth FM16 experience with large database, multiple leagues and high/very high 3d settings. Is this even possible with a budget of let’s say max. 875€/700£? I’m based in Berlin and Fm16 is pretty much the only game I play. Please forgive my ignorance concerning hardware specs, but will this offer do the trick? https://www.notebooksbilliger.de/acer+aspire+e5+574g+56u6 I would appreciate any further input on what specs to aim for. Much obliged.
  10. Great TFF !! Are the player attributes filters app. the same as cross-tactics ? Would you otherwise be so kind to elaborate on the player roles (FB, BWM,DLP (d) WM, AP, AF) ? Good work
  11. Totalfootballfan, may I ask u what individual training u use ? I mean which roles (focus) and what intensity ? Thx man !!
  12. I've been following this tread with great enthusiasm – thx for a great tactic Mr U Rosler. I’m managing Swansea atm; we had an immense start of season, but are struggling to keep morale high and consolidate our mid table position. When trying to find new signings I wanna stick to the formula by having 15 in the key attribute and 12 for other attributes. But I only seem to find a very limited amount of players either very old players or expensive (unrealistic transfers are excluded). Am I missing something here ? What values do you guys have for the 4 key attributes ?
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