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  1. I've got nothing customised or downloaded I just purchased the game via steam and it then the other day updated to 15.2.. This is my first time playing it. Without having to trawl through all the pages on this thread, I assume from the fact you want me to raise this in the bugs forum that your game and others aren't expereincing this at all(?) and it's just mine.
  2. Ok, this is just stupid now. 2nd game hull city vs chelsea both teams wear away kits.
  3. So after last years game, I decided to wait rather than buy on release, so that when I first play this game, most of the annoying bugs etc have been ironed out. Iv only played for a couple hours, it will certainly take some getting used to with the new formats but I'm sure it's going to be great and I like a lot of the new features. Anyway first game, I'm chelsea and the opener is home to Man City, yet my team are wearing our yellow away kit?! Clearly that's wrong. In fact neither team needs to wear an away kit! Anyone else had this?! Or have I bizarrely got something in my preferences I need
  4. Well at least I'm not alone here. Can't work it out tho, cos we all have the same stats at the start of the game at these two massive clubs but I have never ever seen either do well in the opening few seasons despite fantastic talent, yet others have seen City dominate. Bizarre. I'd rather see them dominate if I'm honest, cos at least it's realistic.
  5. Ha! So just mine then! Weird! How do Roma get on?
  6. Whenever I start a game in Italy or England in FM14 by Christmas Man City are almost always mid-table and well off the pace and don't even get in Europe at the end of the season. They continue to be very inconsistent throughout with Pellegrini, playing this silly 4-2-2-2 formation. In Italy... Roma, well, they've been relegated in 2 seasons iv played. I know you get the odd surprise in real life with Milan and United finishing 7th but Roma and Man City, consistently in the games I play are rubbish considering the talent they have. Anybody else get this? Just kind of ruins it for me when you se
  7. Hi, This is a great idea. How is it coming along ??
  8. Or another formation suited to Southampton ? Appreciate any help in advance.
  9. Nope nothing modified or edited. Also in my also loaded English League, Cardiff finished 6th, only a few points off the champions league!
  10. Yes i understand this, hence why i said is this a freak season or are others experiencing similar things with the Italian League in this game ? Just a question .... not saying it could never happen.
  11. as manager of Lazio recently. Really enjoyable, finished 3rd and i am in Champions League qualifier which rather unluckily i got drawn against Man City. So there's the positives. I have a couple of questions though for those that have managed in the Italian League. Some teams really performed at a low level considering how good they are in real life. For instance, Juventus lost 8 games finishing 2nd to Napoli. Fiorentina finished 12th. And even more bizarre Roma got relegated. Its just taken some of realism away from what is a really enjoyable save. Was this a freak season or have others exper
  12. Ok thanks for all your help. Now all i need is update! Will it be this week ?! :-)
  13. Hi Neil, just to update you. I tried the 'medium' and it ran smoothly with all other options ticked off plus and this seemed crucial - the match feeds. In fact, it ran almost nearly as good with all the options ticked on apart from the match feeds?! But once you have all turned including the match feeds it jitters and is unplayable! Bizarre! I tried everything with 'high' and nothing worked at all, it was totally unplayable so i accept that my laptop isn't good enough to run on 'high' but Medium, i can with tweaks which i don't believe i should have to make ? Fair enough?
  14. Ok, Neil I've done everything you recommended me doing and it has improved things. I can now play the game on 'low' without any problems at all. I tested 'Medium' and it definitely slowed again and became jittery. Is there anything I could do with that? Or with my Laptop performance this is now the optimum ? It is still better quality for FM13 for instance but I appreciate your help as at least the game is now playable.
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