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  1. Cheers for the advice. Im playing as Macclesfield Town in League 2. The player is Omar Koroma. I had a private chat and told him his performances need to improve. Next game he scored 2 goals against Oldham (L1) in the J Paint Trophy, which is pretty dandy. He apparantly has the ability to be a leading League 1 striker, but isnt that good yet. His weaknesses tell me he is a selfish player with a lack of work ethic. Im already paying him the largest wage at the club, and gave him a new contract pre-season. Il just have to warn him every time his performance starts to dip, and hope that corrects it.
  2. I bought a striker mid-way throught last season, and he was incredible. Now its the early stages of my 2nd season and he cant seem to score to save his life. His report claims he has declined as a footballer over the last 6 months, and his progress has stalled due to needing a new challenge. He is young and no where near fulfilling his potential. Is there anything I can do to right this, or is he simply too good for the current league and i should sell whilst he's hot?
  3. Im new to FM, and still a bit baffled by the amount of options available to me. To lighten the load, iv set all contract renewals to be handled by Assistant Manager. Does this include backroom staff contracts? Most of my staff have soon-to-be-expired contracts. Im worried that if I continue without manually renewing each contract, they will all just disappear. Also, is it risky leaving contract renewals to the ass. man? He offered some pretty crappy contracts to a couple of players who obviously turned them down. Thanks (in advance) for any help.
  4. FM12 - Lower League Players

    Some of these players (Enzo Scorza for example) dont turn up in the search box. Is this because i dont have the right leagues added?
  5. Sorry if this has already been discussed, but has anyone else had problems with this bug/glitch? I am playing in my first season as Macclesfield Town. In a League 2 game against Port Vale I was losing 3-1 at half time. In the 2nd half, Port Vale scored again (a hat-trick for Richards). However, this goal was not added to the scoreline (and was definately not disallowed). The scoreline then showed 3-2, 3-3, and then finished on 3-4 to Macclesfield. None of these goals actually happened, and the highlights footage still show Port Vale winning 4-1. In summary, my Macclesfield Town team came back from losing 3-1 to win 3-4. However, this scoreline was entirely different from the game that was actually played, in which Port Vale hammered me 4-1. Macclesfield Town were commended for their incredible comeback and awarded 3 points, and I was praised for my inspirational half-time team talk! Bizarre!
  6. Im new to Fm, so apologies for the ignorance, but what does a bad press conference do for you? Worsen your players morale?