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  1. My main bets at the moment are Germany as outright winners 9/2 and Muller top scorer 7/1. Also doubled it up at small stakes 18/1. I've followed Vegard with an outside bet at big odds on Janko top scorer 66/1. I've also done a few team top scorer bets for a bit of interest during the group stages. Perisic at 7/1 for Croatia Torje at 7/1 for Romania Seleznyov at 8/1 for Ukraine That's probably going to be it for me until the tournament starts. I had loads of pre-tournament bets at the World Cup and I've decided to be a bit more sensible for the Euro's.
  2. Think I'll probably follow you with a bet on Muller for top scorer. He usually scores a few in the tournaments so we're likely to get a run for our money and a few free bets in the process
  3. First bet that's caught my eye is Northern Ireland for lowest scorers at 13/2 with B365. They are in a tough group and I just can't see where there goals are going to come from. Looks a decent price to me and worth a few quid.
  4. A specific tournament betting thread has gone down well previously so thought we may as well have another. Only a few weeks now until it all kicks off so come on everybody to share the value bets, outlandish accumulators, novelty bets and tales of disappointment. Overall winner odds (from B365) France 10/3 Germany 10/3 Spain 11/2 England 17/2 Belgium 11/1 Italy 16/1 Portugal 20/1 Croatia 33/1 Austria 40/1 Poland 50/1 Wales 66/1 Russia 66/1 Switzerland 66/1 Czech Republic 80/1 Turkey 80/1 Ukraine 80/1 Bar 100/1 I've used B365 odds as it was the site I had open at the time but don't forget to use Oddschecker to ensure you're getting the best price.
  5. I had a similar issue. My log in details won't work on the UEFA website but are okay on the ticket portal section. I wouldn't worry about it
  6. I have two category 2 tickets for the Russia v Slovakia game (Lille, 15th June) I want to sell on if anyone is interested. If not, does anyone know when the resale period will be? Only information I can find says March with no specific date.
  7. Got tickets for a match in Lille. Just checked flights and doesn't look like they fly direct from Manchester, currently being quoted £1300 and 8 hours travelling time Safe to say I'll be driving and get the ferry over.
  8. Anyone use or pass Paddy Power shops? I have an offer for a free £5 bet to be used on the final in one of the shops. Drop me a PM if interested and I will pass on the details.
  9. I entered the code and it said the promo was successfully added so it looks like it should work. Don't see it in my free bets list though and can't place a bet due to withdrawing recently and being over my deposit limit (don't even remember setting up a deposit limit). Hoping for France & Switzerland wins tonight which will land me £1300+ with them so I will be able to try it tomorrow if it comes in.
  10. I think they are both going to be quite tight games as Ivory Coast, Greece and Japan all have a chance to join Colombia in the next round. Although Japan and Greece both need to win I don't think they will be going for it from the off as they won't want to get hit in the break to ruin any chances of getting through. Ivory Coast only need a point really so I don't think they will be pressing the issue either but I think they will probably have too much for Greece overall. Draw/Ivory Coast at 4/1 looks worth a bet. Probably going to have a small bet on Kalou FGS at 10/1 (SJ) too.
  11. Gutted they couldn't make it out of the group. I'm going to be in Pula next week so would have been nice to catch the next game with some of the locals.
  12. That's a useful little graph, cheers. Looks like it makes sense to just leave it.
  13. Had a treble on Colombia, France and Belgium to win their groups at 4/1. Can cash in now and lose around 8% of what it will return if I just let it ride and it comes in. I should just let it play out right? Can anyone see any of these teams not winning their groups from here? I always get slightly anxious if it's a decent sized bet and looking to see what other people would do from here.
  14. If they can grab another one within the next 5-10 mins it could be quite interesting
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