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  1. yeah, that's my exact issue, I extended the 3 loans of Janko, Dias and Goncalves (sp) all 3 were on below 8k and were with me last season, so couldn't get wp's but I don't remember seeing it mentioned in the confirm transfer screen. I also loaned a CB from Brighton, he is Norwegian and earns about 1k a week, he did get a wp but I can't register him as a player in the championship so have had to leave him out.
  2. Is anybody having issues with Loans post brexit? I am a championship club (Forest) and can't seem to get work permits for players who are paid below 8k, but can't obviously get them up to 8k because of their basic wage, is this just life now? or is this an issue?
  3. I started playing in lunch breaks at work so that's about 50 minutes a day, then turned Tuesday nights into FM nights at home so get in total about 9 hours a week, will sneak in a Sunday game if possible but probably an hour or two. When the game gets released the wife knows I will have a couple of weeks of constant playing so leaves me be, and normally plans a weekend away with family or friends. but 1-year-old daughter and wife obviously come first for me so time is very limited nowadays
  4. I had FC Union Berlin (10 years there and enjoyed it so much) big rivals of Dynamo Berlin. Like the African side in Spain as well.. that might be next option. I try to find a real-life hook into a club, then it inspires me to play as a team. An interesting story about the fan base, the club or something similar that gets me interested in them!
  5. Probably similar to a few above, I find a 'story' about a club, then research them and then get to know the real club through press stories, social accounts or just wiki! Then i have more of an interest in that club and go and manage them!!
  6. Hello, Have an Ipad and a iphone, Any really simple ways to share saves? other than itunes? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, i know this has probably been covered above, but its so much to go back over, I really want to get training down in this version (i normally leave it to ast manager) What is the best 'help' guide to use? And also are there any really simple tips to make sure I get covered? thanks
  8. So I am in... I have decided on Buxton Football Club. Buxton FC Season 2017/18 Full name Buxton Football Club Nickname(s) The Bucks Founded 1877 Ground The Silverlands, Buxton Capacity 4,000 (490 seated) Chairman David Hopkins Manager profile on my first day: Looking at the playing staff, and the strengths and weakness's, I seem to have a lot more weakness's than strengths! Most of the stronger players have already been offered contracts and when I have tried to reduce them early on the players are instantly getting a bit funny so will have to let them be offered at what they are offered at. Full squad evaulation underway at moment and back room staff. If this is going to be done it needs to be a ground up approach. So i have to get everything in order and working the way I want it to. Full update at the end of season. Wish me luck! Oh and on my updates I will be posting a 'tune or an album that i think sets the mood for that update!' enjoy (dafuge, please let me know if this is against any rules!!!)
  9. I have decided on Darmstadt or Sheffield Wednesday, just need to pick between the two! Darmstadt is winning at the moment but i do think i will get relegated and sacked quite early doors, where has sheff wed i may not.
  10. lets kick this off..... Nation: European league (Italy, England, Spain, Germany) Division:any European Competition:none Media Prediction: any Board Expectation(s):any Transfer Budget: any Wage Budget: any Finances: any Other: Sleeping Giant, interesting back story/history looking for a game to really invest my time in.
  11. I had two different saves, My first one was: Leipzg > West Ham > Cardiff > Torino > Schalke > Milan > Man Utd = 15 seasons Second was Cheltenham Town = 11 seasons
  12. I found fm14 really easy tactically and i am finding fm15 more of a challenge! as always though, loving it!
  13. Having played through 5 1/2 seasons I will admit I am struggling with it more than i have ever have (but loving every minute of it). I have managed 5 clubs and been sacked twice and resigned once before I got sacked. My main issues are with creating any consistency with my tactics, I can go 3 games winning in style then go onto a 8/9 game losing streak. I presume it’s a tactic issue, but having played CM/FM since cm2, I have never had problems with tactics like this. Also the AI team always seems to score in the dying moments of a game. This I can cope with but is frustrating when it happens in the vast majority of games. Jumping from club to club and losing game after game is not a fun ride, I had to leave Torino after 9 games without winning in a row as I cruised them into the relegation zone from 12th in the league. Also I find the player moods to changeable, I understand they are human, but a whole team being upset and causing the team potentially to lose games because I am not playing a reserve striker who can’t score is a bit absurd However on the plus side, The transfer side is much improved, you can really negotiate with clubs now as well as contracts, having decided not to go over x amount on sign on fee or agent feeit has really made negotiating more fun as the AI is willing to compromise. The game is awesome and I am really enjoying it, if only I could get some consistency! The scouting is very good, the chairman interaction is enjoyable as well. The new side bar is so simple to navigate and I like all the extra information! so overall very happy with the game!
  14. I found my laptop was a good addition, moving away from a PC and meaning i can sit in the lounge whilst clicking away! also honesty! she knows how much i enjoy playing the game and on release weekend she will go away for the weekend/keep herself busy.
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