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  1. Hi, Ive had a look cant find what im looking for so posted here. Ive found that when altering kits using IGE and adding a new png to give a 3d look to the new kit, it all shows up fine on club screen etc but the kits changed in the editor dont show up in the match. Obviously i tick use licensed kits so that the 3d version works on the club screen but it then uses the original kit for the match. Is there a way round this ? bit crap if not and makes it a bit pointless creating them. Just adds a bit of longevity to my save when i can alter the kit every few seasons etc and adds a little more emersion to the game world.
  2. Having similar issues with Liverpool. been assuming its tactics but like above said ive been playing FM for many many years and not had this
  3. Resolved

    Personally i think this one seems slightly more difficult than in the past. Im Liverpool and in season 1 i won europa league, 6th in prem and quarter finals of both fa cup and league cup, season 2, 15 games im 9th and probably likely to be sacked soon. I just cant seem to find any consistency at all.
  4. sorry, that just really made me laugh out loud haha
  5. Or one further, the commonwealth cup
  6. Ive tried in the past and no been able to do so, but in fm16, im going to move all the welsh based clubs within england (swansea, cardiff, newport, wrexham, colwyn bay and merthyr) back into the welsh system. thats easy enough... But id like to create from there a yearly cup competition around xmas time or in pre season that consists of the winners of the top divisions of wales, scotland and northern ireland along with the winner of the English championship (not premiership) and alternates the venue of the competition as being at the national stadiums of the welsh, scottish and norther irish (not wembley as i im perceiving the english club as seeing it as a less important competition than the others will see it as) Is this possible and could someone explain how to do it if it is ? Thanks in advance
  7. Will the create a club only be when starting a new save ? if so then thats pretty much useless to me.... but if it can be done mid save then that may be good.
  8. Ive always wanted to create a Celtic cup (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) so this could be useful, as ive never attempted it. Always assumed i needed to use continental rules, which i think look too complicated to mess around with.
  9. I always move Swansea, Cardiff, Wrexham and Newport into the welsh league, so ill then have 4 spaces for B teams, ideally id like to just add B teams for the "Big 5" clubs, so i still need to find one further space....
  10. not actually purchased yet (waiting til this weekend when i get paid. Am is seeing correctly in your screenshot that Crimea is in the game ? Im surprised if it is when Gibralter wasnt in til recently and theres probably countless other small nations not included.
  11. I usually create one down to level 11 for myself, mainly as if theres any imperfections then nobodys is around to complain or criticise. Things that i struggle with or have had issues with in the past though are as follows if anyone has any help to offer, maybe id upload it when completed (not even actually getting the game til this weekend) In lower leagues after promotions/relegations id like to get teams promoted into the correct league , ie if winning the nothern counties league division one they should then go into northern counties premier, but it always seems to put them into a randomly allocated division. secondly when i created county cups etc on the 2014 version it effected the league cup dispite me not having done any work to the league cup. and finally id like to adjust the fa cup to add the full qualifying including preliminary rounds, but when doing so i can not make specific leagues enter at certain stages such as premiership clubs joining in rd 3, it just literally has to be everyone in from the start.
  12. Would the players develop ? in the same way they would getting first team football on loan at a club at that level ...
  13. every season i have to manually go into the editor if i want to play as my local team, adding various leagues using the national rules, but what bothers me is that i also have to create the league i want to play in (Central Midlands league) and the division directly above (East Midland counties league) as they are not even included in the database despite other leagues of the same level being included. around half of the clubs are already in but unfortunately not the club i like to manage (Clifton All Whites). The annoying part is that it then screws with the FA cup which is more difficult to sort out. In all honesty the FA cup has too few qualifying rounds anyway.
  14. Ive got the editor downloaded now , from the tools section
  15. I cant see where to ask this and this thread seems as good of a place as any, Will steam just automatically update my beta to the full version without me even doing anything ? if not what do i do, i cant remember what happened last year..