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  1. just tried to have a little play while waiting on at least level 13 before starting properly. and the file is causing issues with the Scottish league, says maximum 8 teams needed for u18s elite, but found 9. been into editor to check and sure enough theres 9, but I cant edit it out.. whatever I try it still fails.. so it seems if I want to use this file I have to sacrifice Scottish, which wont load with the file selected.. unless theres something obvious im missing. no other files loaded.
  2. Overwrite a first team though im guessing rather than reserves ?
  3. Maybe Dan will be nice and put in the club im chairman of lol (Rushcliffe FC), then ill only have to put the players on. We aren't in the league yet just playing friendlies til our debut league campaign for 19/20 season.. First team in Notts Senior League Division 2 (level 13 of the pyramid) and Reserves going into Midland & Notts Alliance division 2.
  4. So... When the database is done and I add my club and the players am I going to have problems ? just going on whats been said above about editing then causing errors..
  5. Should be going into the East midlands counties league anyway mate as things stand. Only if theres a more northern team would they go into the NCEL and as things are, not a single club in the Notts Senior League premier would go into the NCEL, they are all East midlands. In Division 1 I think maybe 2 clubs would go NCEL the rest would go East midlands.
  6. With the structure as it now is , it is highly unlikely for any Notts Senior League teams being promoted to Northern Counties East Division 1, the more northern teams may go from east midlands counties into Northern counties east premier, in div 1 theres currently only Ollerton and Shirebrook from Notts, and some may argue Shirebrook is Derbyshire, it definitely has Derbyshire council. Theres a higher chance of the central midlands teams going into the NCEL than there is those of NSL and the Central mids has more teams from the Northern part of the county and some from south Yorkshire who in reality would be better served being in the Sheffield & Hallamshire league. So with the Central mids id suggest promote the south division to East mids counties along with the NSL and the North Division to NCEL. Lincs league definitely does go into NCEL, I would imagine all the Yorkshire leagues feed into the NCEL. Leicestershire Senior League promotes the more Western clubs into the East Mids counties and the More Eastern go into the United Counties League.The thing that makes it tricky is that teams aren't always promoted from the level 11 leagues into the level 10 leagues. The clubs have to apply for promotion and then have to pass ground grading, so while it sounds like theres a lot of leagues going into the league, in reality of those who apply and are then given the adequate ground grade it then comes down to who has the highest average points per game to see who is then actually promoted, which is something I think would be impossible to implement in football manager
  7. A Good place to look dan for info on non league football if needing to look something up, aside from the obvious places is a forum called Non League Matters
  8. which leagues Dan ? just as an example, teams promoted from East midlands counties league (level 10) go into the midlands league in general, but the more northern teams from Mansfield sort of area usually go into the northern counties east league prem. None of it is set in stone as they FA move teams around nowdays to fit to the leagues closest suited so wouldn't worry too much about that, set the league boundaries and the game should then put them in the appropriate leagues I think, which is probably the closest way to being realistic isn't it really.
  9. Well I did send info to dan for local leagues to add as im also a notts lad, seems theres a few of us, so more reason to add them. Im chairman of a newly formed club called Rushcliffe FC going into next seasons Notts Senior league division 2 (level 13) so for me to add our club after the db is done and play it correctly the way id like then in addition to the NSL which is already included then the Central Midlands, Midland & Notts Amateur Alliance and the Midlands Regional Alliance all being included would be perfect. Ill just await the updates and see which he includes. For anyone who is interested seeing as its been mentioned here now, Our first friendly is on Jan 19th when we host Sneinton Town at our ground, Costock Road, East Leake. can find our club on Facebook or twitter if anyone wants further info as we are constantly looking for players, going to be having a reserves playing in the Midland & Notts Alliance too
  10. far more tedious than I anticipated as could only delete one by one.. ill dm you them now
  11. Theres no id's on them yet for them to not match up, its just the raw logos, saves you from having to search for them.
  12. Ive got a file with all logos if needed for Notts Senior league (levels 11-13), central midlands (level 11 &12), Midlands Regional Alliance (levels 13 & 14) and Midlands & Notts Amateur Alliance (levels 14-16) They are raw logos (ie as they were downloaded not been cut or anything) and it doesn't include those that are reserves teams as they'll have first teams at higher levels, think theres 2 or 3 clubs who couldn't find a logo for. was for a database I was trying to do myself but failed to grasp the new editor, kept throwing up faults for no apparent reason. If its of any help then let me know and ill send it however its needed to be
  13. Ive said many times in the past that I would love a football manager style boxing promoter game. There is some on the market but nothing with the sort of depth FM has or even close to it. Title bout is probably the most in depth and also happens to be from the Out of the park brand mentioned above for baseball, unfortunately they don't put any real effort into it as baseball Is their priority. Alternatively Greydog software who make Total Extreme Wrestling and World of Mixed Martial Arts, would be good candidates but again they aren't interested as I think the developer has no interest in boxing as hes more MMA orientated
  14. I Really hope you include the leagues ive previously mentioned on here that you have been missing I have attempted myself and failed miserably editing non stop since Nov 2nd when editor was released, added all the clubs and leagues relevant to me down to level 17, didn't include EVERY league, just those relevant to what I was doing, but a lot of work nonetheless. Im not a complete editing novice but by no means an expert, but I feel like this editor has faults, there was no reason I could tell for mine to not work.. Anyway ill clarify which leagues im talking about below, as it would mean I could play as my local team and try to get them all the way up correctly as they are on the border of a couple of leagues so with the leagues missing its just not right for how I want to play. Abacus Lighting Central Midlands League (North & South Divisions at both Levels 11 and 12) , Midlands Regional Alliance (2 divisions with the top division being at Level 13, feeds Directly into the Central Midlands League) and the Midlands & Notts Amateur Alliance (3 divisions with the top division being at level 14, feeds into the Notts Senior League) and finally 1 more league I noticed you miss out which is relevant too is the Sheffield & Hallamshire County League (Top divisions is at Level 11) I know how much work goes into this sort of thing and adding more leagues just adds more work to it, but I genuinely would be soooooo appreciative if you could add those leagues, I don't feel I can get my proper long term save started til I have those .. Any help I can be to enable this the ill gladly help, I can send a list of all those leagues with teams in each, which town or city they are, name of home ground, club colours etc etc, all in one place to save hassle if that helps at all
  15. So ive been hard at work on the pre game editor since its release, creating myself a database down to English Level 17, not as detailed as the L22 that is created by one of the guys on here, but using the leagues relevant to me and the addition of some leagues the other fella hasn't yet included in his. Added all the leagues I wanted, all was fine, including FA vase and my local county cup. couldn't figure out how to verify , used the test competitions etc and all seemed fine but no matter what I couldn't verify it. decided to delete county cup and vase in case it was to do with those as all was definitely fine before I added those. But after that when I click on the file im getting random errors such as south west u18s league found 27 teams when only required 12 or whatever, and it was like this for various youth and reserve leagues. thing is ive not touched any of those leagues at all. Also gives me one saying 9 teams found instead of 8 for Scottish elite u19s league, ive literally not touched anything to do with Scotland. Im at a loss now cos I don't know how to correct it as it doesn't even show the teams in those leagues. Im by no means an expert in editing but every year I don't start my long term save until adding at least down to level 10, so im not a complete novice. I don't touch the advanced rules or anything, just the nation rules. Never had this issue before, ive gone through everything and I know for sure ive done nothing wrong, not even touched any youth divisions or reserve divisions and not touched Scotland. feel like ive completely wasted my time and ive no idea at all why. EDIT : only thing I can possibly think could be causing it is when creating new clubs theres a section that says created reserve teams, ive put for some of the clubs local who I know run a junior section to have under 18s teams.. could the editor be automatically assigning them to leagues ? if that is the case I do not understand why, the editor has never automitically assigned newly created clubs to leagues so I don't see why it would do so in the editor for youth teams either.. If that is the reason then the db is effectively broken , ive added hundreds of new clubs, to figure out which I added youth teams for would be a nightmare
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