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  1. I wish there was a way to put the FM21 match engine into FM20. The UI was perfectly functional; in 21 it diminishes my enjoyment. Information and feedback in 21 is spewed all over the screen. Concise lists for press conferences and team talks were much easier. It takes more time to find and process information now. It was all so right and now it is just plain wrong. After awhile it wears out my patience and sadly I am relying on the Assistant Manager more often. Also, the match commentary needs to be more prominent.
  2. Instead of just "Fransesco Di Stefano" had a good game." It ought to read "Referee (or match official or something) Fransesco Di Stefano" had a good game."
  3. I despise the changes. Finding things that need correcting requires more effort now. Before we could glance at a nice compact movable vertical list. Now we need to mouse over icons to see what is being presented. I assume putting the game on xbox is why they have changed the UI. It is upsetting to lose the customization widgets provided.
  4. The match engine is improved, very happy. My big gripe is that we now need to look all over the screen for information that was clearly and concisely presented before. Screens such as press conferences and team talks take more effort to see the information I need, it takes more time when I used to be able to see everything a glance. Now I have to look at each player (across the whole screen) to see the info instead of quickly picking out problems from a list. I will also say this for information presented during a match. The widgets were so much handier. These UI changes have slowed dow
  5. Just showing WWWDL is not enough. That does not even explain what competitions are included. Is there a better way to find this than looking back through the schedule?
  6. I have always thought of this shout as asking players to keep going, dig deep, rather than having a negative connotation. A way of pumping them up in the last 10 minutes before halftime or when things are stale. If there are long term consequences they have not been apparent. Though I do have a couple players with lowering determination and I am not sure why.
  7. An option to be an owner/manager. I know it will never happen.
  8. Is there a way to stop more than one player closing down the goalkeeper at the same time? When more than one player goes it is an easy pass for the keeper every time.
  9. I often get frustrated with FM and shut it off. Five minutes later I am back with a new idea that fails and on and on it goes. FM and Factorio are the two games I have found that dig into my head always demanding something more.
  10. Hey thanks for sharing. I am having trouble with Ball-Winning instructions because it sets hard tackling. Would you think BWM could be changed to another setting?
  11. This is working well (on beta) just as you described. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Finding players scouted players is buried way to deep. Put the reports I ask for in my Inbox like it has always been done. (It is really tough to not be rude about the absence of this obvious necessity.)
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