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  1. Is there a way to stop more than one player closing down the goalkeeper at the same time? When more than one player goes it is an easy pass for the keeper every time.
  2. I often get frustrated with FM and shut it off. Five minutes later I am back with a new idea that fails and on and on it goes. FM and Factorio are the two games I have found that dig into my head always demanding something more.
  3. Hey thanks for sharing. I am having trouble with Ball-Winning instructions because it sets hard tackling. Would you think BWM could be changed to another setting?
  4. This is working well (on beta) just as you described. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Finding players scouted players is buried way to deep. Put the reports I ask for in my Inbox like it has always been done. (It is really tough to not be rude about the absence of this obvious necessity.)
  6. Is dynamics really a new feature or just something that was hidden from the player in earlier versions?
  7. It is silly not give the player a choice on this. At the end of the day this is a game that is supposed to be fun. Let us choose the outcome and leave a random option.
  8. Not sure more media interaction is such a great thing. Like real life managers I get tired of that stuff.
  9. Is better to protect players in the media or tell it straight? I wish there was an option to tell the players "I have shielded you in the presser but the truth is this..."
  10. On FM15 I have been working on a 4-5-1 with quick forwards. Have had good results with deep lying forward - attack. The forward drops between defense and midfield markers, then has room to run at defenders or chase a pass into space. Try to create instances where your players are running and the defender is standing still or isolated. Tinker with width and tempo during a game to set this up.
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