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  1. international footballer stats

    i got 65 cap 35 goals, guessing i was a striker.
  2. Tips for getting international jobs

    Sorry was on new posts and didn't read that it was Handheld.
  3. Help me start a new game

    do you want us to recommend a team, if so I would say Cruzeiro in the Brazilian league. EDIT The europe comment was posted when I was writing so sorry, but they are still a good team to play with. EDIT
  4. Werid Transfers :p

    Insua(forgotten how to spell it) to Man City 30m!!! start of 1st season
  5. Tips for getting international jobs

    I got England when my reputation was on local, the second Capello went I applied and the next day I got the e-mail. Try to do it as quick as possible helps I think as then your the only one to apply.
  6. Clubs Which Are Most Likely To Get Taken Over.

    Newcastle Portsmouth Reading usually 2nd season Liverpool usually 2nd season
  7. Age of People 0n These Forums.

    Im 15 :)
  8. Player personalities - Spineless?!

    I saw a thread about the personality its not my job apparently its a programmer joke
  9. free kick problem

    i haven't scored a singe one in 2 years at Liverpool and my taker has 18 free kicks this isn't realistic as Gerrard who is supposedly worse than my taker will score at least 3-4 a season IRL
  10. Bogey Team

    spurs i just cant seem to beat them even when they played their reserve team against my best Liverpool team in the league cup
  11. [Guide] How to Create a Config File

    great thread mate very helpfull
  12. Can someone please write me a config?

    thanks michael gpt it working now
  13. Can someone please write me a config?

    I was made a logo on FM liveonline.com but i dont know how to write the config to enter it to my game. the The id number is 1394631308 and the team plays in the blue square premier. Please can someone help me out?
  14. FM09 Kits and Logo Request Thread..

    your kits are great mate can i have 1 made exactlly like the badit kit thats first on the thread but with my logo on it and can you make me a second kit like liverpools third kit last year. Here's an example. http://www.fanfootball.co.uk/images/liverpool-european-away-kit-07081.jpg can u make boeing the sponser on the second kit and get rid of the adidas stips and make it nike and add my logo in the place where the liverpool logo is. heres my logo http://www.footballmanagerliveonline.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=622 can u please write the config too. The teams ID is 1394631308 and they play in the blue square premier tnx abs take ur time i dont mind waiting
  15. best season and signin

    micheal chreten on 09 rarely gets below 7.5 for my liverpool team (not sure about the spelling but hes a rb)