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  1. Definatly Sergio Canalas... When does the new patch come out??
  2. Aim Less, Yes, i have activated the code on my account. However, i know that you can install the game on up to 5 different computers. How do we go about installing the game on his computer without him having to keep the disk? Welchy
  3. I have given my disk to my friend and he is trying to install it using steam so he doesnt need to use the disk. However, he trys to install it but it says that the product code has already been activated and is unvalid. What is he supposed to do to install the game through Steam? (Sorry if this has already been covered) Thanks
  4. My postie didnt come yesterday or today (so far). He told me he wasnt even going on strike! What is he playing at !?
  5. Ok then, where do i get it from and how do i download it?
  6. Oh ok. Thanks, but i dont really know how to use FMRTE. Its no biggy anyway.
  7. I didnt even realise he was unhappy lol. I managed to get 15mil for him though so all good : )
  8. Ok, i am in 2024 with Napoli and i have just sold one of my players (a regen) as he was getting on a bit. After agreeing a fee with a club i was about to confirm the transfer. But, before i did, i noticed he said that he was "Ecstatic to be rid of George Welch (me)" I looked at his morale and it was okay but, like the question suggests, is there a way to find out if a player dislikes you as there is a way of finding out if a player does like you - favoured personel.
  9. welchy

    Can You Have A Son or Sons?

    Im in 2025 with Napoli, but still no luck. I keep trying, perhaps im infertile...
  10. Yeah he's another one but i find his performances are hit by his size considering he is centre midfielder/attacking midfielder. 5 foot 3 is quite short lol.
  11. Gonzalo Barreto. Sign him for 300k - 700k at the beggining of the game and in a few years you can easily sell him for 30+million. Guarentees you goals He has been linked with Arsenal in real life.
  12. welchy

    The Tycoon Effect

    My chairman has just withdrawn his financial backing :S Over budget, things could turn sour without a tycoon:( Good start to the season though
  13. welchy

    The Tycoon Effect

    Haha, my name is George Welch....no relation, however;) Was he a Tycoon ?
  14. welchy

    The Tycoon Effect

    I think your right, they have just been docked 10 points for entering administration !
  15. welchy

    The Tycoon Effect

    I would have thought that too but no sign of a new stadium yet As for tiny teams being taken over, i have seen Southport and Farsley Celtic get taken over by tycoons. Southport won one promotion but now their finances have decreased and are 'secure' but they still have a tycoon chairman from Serbia - i thought this was strange, i didnt know a tycoon could run out of money so fast! Farsley are currently top of their respective division but with no real investment and I expect them to shoot up a couple of divisions.