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  1. I have very minimal PI's with the exception of WB's 'Stay Wider' and instead focus on the right Player Traits. My philosophy is to keep the tactic more fluid, particularly in the midfield where all of my players are phenomenal all around players and I didn't want to limit them (with a BWM role) or force play through them (with a playmaker role). I have been very happy with how the team plays, in particular: 1) The CB's are true ball players and will drive forward with the ball if the space is available or look to bypass the midfield three with balls directly into the front three, behind the opposition defense for the front three to run onto, or into a forward running wing back. This makes pressing us a really bad idea and we move very quickly up the field. 2) The IF's cut in well and we score a lot of goals from the corner of the box with curling shots to the far post. When setting up the tactic I was worried that all three forwards would cram the middle, but the weak side IF's tend to appropriately delay their inward runs, leaving space for Haaland and the attacking IF. Perhaps this is a benefit of having them on a support duty and/or having high 'Off The Ball' attributes? 3) The midfield supports play and recycles possession to the opposite flank for the IF/WB to attack the space. They are not goal scorers or playmakers, though they will hang outside of the box to add numbers to the attack.
  2. End of the third season and having a great time of things! Won the league for the second year straight, 2 points ahead of Liverpool and 4 ahead of Manchester United. Was knocked out of the UCL by PSG in the semis, though we deserved to go through to the final, which was eventually won by Liverpool. Going into the season Reiss Nelson was my starting Left Inside Forward but he tore his ACL, so Nketiah stepped into that role and did a fantastic job, scoring 17 goals. Haaland was the player of the season, scoring 26 goals, tied with Kane for league leader, with an average rating of 7.72! I guess switching his mentality to Attack had the influence I wanted... Going into the third season my only buy was Naci Unuvar ($70M) who will compete with Nketiah for the left wing spot and backup Haaland in the CF slot. Given Reiss Nelson's injury I will probably send him on loan to see if he can regain fitness/form and then probably sell him (Unuvar is only 18 and is already a beast so there is no space for him...). With Saka being more of a true winger (something I don't need in my system) I tried to move him on to Wolves who came in for a bid of $80M, which I accepted, but they couldn't get him to nail down a contract. Unfortunately, success leads to increased expectations, and for 2022/23 the board are requiring that I win the League...
  3. I had a deal all locked up for Christian Romero but his Work Permit got denied... Very frustrating! Good get for you.
  4. Well we've just shat the bead in the the FA Cup Final of the second season against Brighton; but all is not lost as we won the League 7 points ahead of Liverpool and City! Pepe was star of the show taking home the Player of the Year award with 24 goals in the League. We got knocked out of Europe by Porto in the First Knockout Round which was disappointing. As the season progressed I simplified my tactic to the below, though the CF's in the system (Lacazette and Haaland) haven't really been scoring so I have been toying with the idea of playing Haaland as a CF(a) for next season, though I don't want to isolate him up there. Any ideas? I've already got Camavinga and Rice coming in this summer (both $50m in installments), with the plan to start Rice next to Dias and rotate Camavinga with Torreira and Guendouzi. I really didn't want to buy either of them but they transfer listed themselves by request and I couldn't pass it up... The summer plan is to sell Lacazette (if I can get a good price for him), and maybe Torriera depending upon how much I can get out of PSG (who are interested).
  5. There is a game plan thing which is a great feature! The only downside is that there is a bug whereby if you choose a Match Plan the Ass Man won't make any subs... So I usually go the route of not choosing a Match Plan and allowing my Ass Man to make subs, though it depends upon the freshness of my players.
  6. Thanks for the response! I do see that when I set my match plan to "No match plan" subs were made! Hopefully this will get resolved soon!
  7. To make matters even more confusing, during my Pre Season Friendlies of Season 2 the Ass Man DID make substitutions (and subbed basically the entire squad). However when I reverted to the Premier League it went back to no subs. I did not make any changes to the Match Plans. Are there any Settings/Preferences I should adjust? Should I maybe try a different skin or something? I can't be the only one with this issue!! This is killing me!! EDIT: I have Head Coach set to manage friendly matches if it matters...
  8. I have been having a fantastic time playing with Arsenal this year and I am more addicted to this FM than any in recent memory. Granted, I play FMT and do 'Instant Result' for most games so a different experience than a lot of you... My 2019/2020 was a huge success coming in third in the League (a point behind City, 6 behind Liverpool) and beating Bayer 04 in the Euro Cup Final. I played a possession oriented 4-2-3-1 with Ozil as my Playmaker with Auba as an Advanced Forward scoring 30 goals in all competitions with Lacazette bagging 15 from an Inside Forward role on the Left Wing. For 2020/2021 my goal was to utilize the great young winger talent we have and get more athletic in the central midfield areas so that we could press more. When Ozil tore his ACL in July I knew it was time to fully transition from a Possession based 4-2-3-1 to a more Pressing oriented 4-3-3. This facilitated a number of changes as I didn't want Auba to lead the line without a playmaker behind him, we have young wingers that need game time (Nelson, Saka, Nkeitah, Smith-Rowe), and he is getting up there in age, so we sold him ($70m to Real) and purchased Haaland ($35M) to backup Lacazette in the DLF role. We upgraded the midfield by selling Xhaka ($42M to Milan) and buying Florentino Luis ($52M from SLB). I didn't rate Willock (passing, tackling and mentals not good enough for a CM) so sent him on loan to Wolves and picked up Gagliardini ($17M from Inter) and Marcos Llorente (Loan from Athletico) as backup CM's. Also got rid of dead weight in the back line (Chambers, Holding, Mustafi, Ainsley all gone) and upgraded by purchasing Ruben Dias ($50M from SLB) to play alongside Mavropanos/Saliba. My tactic and preferred starting eleven for 2020/2021 are below. Interestingly, I've found I have to do a TON of player rotation to avoid increasing the injury risk (perhaps a function of the high press style). As of December 1st I am tied with Liverpool for first in the league with 38 points with Pepe leading the league with 15 goals.
  9. Edit: the below is not true... "Interestingly, if I go on vacation the Ass Man DOES make substitutions... strange bug..."
  10. I am playing FM Touch 2020 and using Instant Result with both standard and custom match plans and my Assistant has yet to make a sub (I've played one full season). Is there a fix for this? Here's how I have it setup...
  11. Bumping this old thread... I am playing FM Touch 2020 and played an entire season with Arsenal and my Ass Man never made one sub! Is there a fix for this? Here's how I have it setup...
  12. How is Joe Willock performing for you? I worry that his Passing and Vision aren’t strong enough to be the driving attacking force for a high level squad like Arsenal...
  13. Really enjoying FM19. Haven't been this addicted in over 5 years. I play FM Touch and enjoy the stripped down version that lets me get through a season in about 15 hours (I simulate most 'easy' matches). The transfer system does seem a bit wonky and I am having a really tough time selling my players. The first season was up and down as I fiddled with a back 3, back 4, two up front, one up front, etc. but ended the season in fourth and lost in the Europa League Final. Second season went with the traditional 4-2-3-1 setup with a slightly modified gegenpressing tactic (tried more possession-oriented last season to no avail). Won the league and the FA cup but lost to Man Utd in the UCL. Haven't made too many changes to the squad as you will see. In the first season I couldn't get anything out of Ozil and he played too close to the CM's (tried as AP-S) but went with the AM-S for this season and his assists went through the roof. GK - Leno, Martinez LB - Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles RB - Bellerin, Vagnoman ($20m) CB - Socrates, Kos, Smalling (free) CB - Pavard (release clause of $40m), Mustafi CM (DLP - D) - Torreira, Xhaka CM (CM-S) - Fernandez (release clause of $65m couldn't pass up), Guendouzi, Elneny AM (AM - S) - Ozil, Ramsey RW (IF - S) - Mkhi, Nelson LW (IF - A) - Laca, Iwobi CF (PF - A) - Auba, Arp ($15m) Not really sure where to go from here to be honest. I already won the league and don't see any obvious ways to improve the squad. Going in I assumed I would sell Xhaka and Elneny, but Xhaka has been great to bring in as a more creative midfielder against weaker sides and Elneny is a great squad/backup player who never complains and is all around pretty good. We have a number of great youth in the reserves (Smith-Rowe, Morilla, van der Heide, regens, etc.) but finding playing time for them with the squad depth we have will be tough. Also, now that we've won the league everybody wants a new contract so my wage bill looks set to skyrocket...
  14. How has Jadon Sancho been for you? He is Transfer Listed in my save at the end of the first season for $40M USD. Can't decide if he is THAT much better than Smith-Rowe and Nelson...
  15. In past versions of Football Manager Touch I believe you could change the attribute colour/color (I'm American...) in the Interface/Settings screen. Is this still possible in FMT 2019?
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