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  1. Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried those suggestions and it seems to have made a bit of a difference, but still struggling for consistency. Wondering if the AM could drop back as a CM - Advanced Playmaker.
  2. Hi there, This is something I’ve struggled with on repeated saves, so there’s obviously something wrong with how I set my team up. I create 15-20 chances, dominate possession and keep clean sheets...but just cannot score goals, and average ratings of my attacking 4 are shocking. I’m currently Anderlecht, with one of the best teams in the league. And though we are doing ok in terms of wins and points, it’s frustrating not to dominate more (and usually my goals come from set pieces or the CM.) Then you get a game like the one I’m posting screenshots from - where I have 20 shots to 5 and lose 2-1. I’m playing FM20 Touch and would appreciate some help! I want my striker to be scoring 15+ goals with the IF contributing 10 or so themselves.
  3. Thanks mate. Sorry to have ruined your day with the question!
  4. Trying to take advantage of the COVID free play offer and want to do some editing, but I can’t find the editor on Steam. Has it been removed? Not available during free play? Have to buy the game for it to show up?
  5. This same issue is back this year. Is there anyway to update a file, rather than uploading it brand new every time?
  6. Thanks for the reply. Would it then just be using the region settings to do it? I’ve tried it that way, but the borders seem obscure and confusing. If you could give me a heads up on the correct part of the editor to set that up, I will give it another shot. Many thanks!
  7. I tried to follow your instructions for my custom regional leagues, but either I mistook some steps or the rules don’t work in my case. As part of my system, I have one league with 4 regional leagues below. I want the Champions of each regional league to be promoted, replacing 4 teams from the top league, but I want the relegated teams to fall into their appropriate region. For example: 2 teams from Region A, one from Region B and one from Region D are relegated 1 team from each of Region A, B, C and D are promoted. Typically, one of the Region A teams will fall into the Region C league. I want to avoid this, and for this next season, Region A will have 1 extra team, and C one less. Is that possible with your rules? Many thanks in advance!
  8. Back by popular demand for FM19. A new take on the Australian football pyramid, with two major leagues and eight regional divisions. LEAGUES Hyundai A-League - 18 teams —- ACL & AFC Cup Qualification added with the AFC file (to come) Bottom 2 relegated and a third to join via a relegation playoff Qantas A-League 2 - 18 teams —- Top 2 promoted automatically, playoffs for 3-6 Bottom 3 relegated and a fourth to join via a relegation playoff nab State Premier Leagues - teams are relegated to their respective Championship League —- NSW Premier League - 18 teams (NSW & ACT) Southern Premier League - 18 teams (Victoria & Tasmania) Central-West Premier League - 18 teams (SA, WA & NT) Northern Premier League - 16 teams (Queensland) nab State Championships- teams are promoted to their respective Premier League —- NSW Championship - 18 teams Southern Championship - 18 teams Central-West Championship - 18 teams Northern Championship - 16 teams CUPS —- FFA Cup - 480 teams from all over the Australian football landscape White Ribbon Cup - all teams from A-League to the State Championships Warren Murray Cup - A-League Champions vs FFA Cup Champions EA Sports Challenge - 8 champions from State PL & State Championships OTHER TIDBITS —- A couple teams have come back (Gold Coast United, Northern Spirit) and I've created some new ones (Alice Springs, Darwin City, Joondalup FC) I have removed Wellington, as I have made a New Zealand database with them in it. I have added a load more derbies this year, all based on the real location of each club. Still a few more to be added, but 80% of clubs should have a derby. The population of Australia has exploded and people love football (it's very much fantasy.) I've increased the attendances for all teams. I've given some of the lower league teams a background sugar daddy to help try and speed up the competitiveness. A couple of teams have boosted youth development scores to help build Australia up. All teams have a reserve side KNOWN ISSUES —- The relegation from A-League 2 to the regional leagues is not perfect. I haven't mastered the editor enough to get teams to fall into their correct region. Download via Steam Workshop.
  9. This turned out to be quite popular, with over 500 subscribers on Steam, so I am in the process of re-making it for FM19.
  10. I'm trying to release a fix for a database I've created, but there's no option to override the file - it simply uploads as a brand new file, meaning my 300+ subscribers miss out on it. I also have no way of contacting them to show how to update. I contacted Steam directly and they say this is a FM issue: Please help?
  11. Glad you like it! Here's the graphics - hopefully all works. Let me know if theres any issues. aleague-graphics.zip
  12. Not a huge bug, but something to be fixed?
  13. Just bumping this for anyone looking for an Australian database. 150-odd subscribers so far, all seems to work quite well.
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