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  1. As the title states, I’m having consistently poor performances from whoever I put in the AM position, no matter what Role. It could be Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Lo Celso, Ndombele, Son, Bale…it doesn’t matter. The rest of the team plays well, overall the tactic is working and results are great…but I just can’t get the AM firing. It feels like a waste of a player — sometimes I just switch to 3 strikers — but I’d really like to get it working well. Can anyone offer any thoughts on why this happens or tips on how to improve this one specific part.
  2. I only posted the screenshot after being frustrated by no bids for 2 months. It's happened across multiple saves (pre and post updates) with multiple players. In my latest save, I cannot sell Matt Doherty, Harry Winks or Gio Lo Celso. Lo Celso is worth £58m, and even offering him for £30m in July got nothing!
  3. Funny how this whole thread was caused by the player ratings bug in the game. Looks like the preset gegenpress + 3 world class players works after all!
  4. Good one. Good to know, I’ll stop playing for now then.
  5. Just won the league but only 6 players in my squad averaged over 7 for the season. Are playing ratings more strict than in previous versions? It feels next to impossible to get players to rate consistently well.
  6. Is anyone else having issues with selling or even loaning out players? I can barely give this lot away for free, much less get their value. Even when a team actually bids, my players consistently reject them (despite being on the transfer list and in the reserves.)
  7. I’m not posting tactics after one match, I’ve tried many, many things and literally nothing is working. Here’s the latest attempt where my full backs are still absolutely average and my L-IF (Son) does absolutely nothing. Same roles as the one you said looked ok, trying for a more patient build up.
  8. How is it unbalanced? From looking at it, it’s almost the literal definition of balance, so clearly I’m missing something about Football Manager. I (obviously) don’t expect to win every match - I’m not a moron. The funny thing is, I was winning more than I was losing, but 90% of the squad averages less than 7. How does that work?
  9. Thanks for all of your replies. I’ve tired to implement various things, trialling over the course of a few matches. This squad is too good for these types of performances, but I just cannot get anything going and I am currently sitting 6th, 14 points off the top. Kane and Son’s goal numbers look good, but completely skewed by some 5, 4 and 3 goal matches. This is just the default gegenpress with the AM changed to a DM. Surely a preset tactic should work with 3 of the best players in the world?
  10. Thanks for the reply! I’ve implemented some of the things you suggested, and things have gone ok so far. The most frustrating thing for me so far is the inconsistency of the front 3 (Son as IF-(A) is particularly frustrating) and the full backs. The full backs are averaging 6.75 and producing no assists. In the screenshot you can see the last 5 matches I have no one playing well. Despite this, we’ve won 3 (2 last minute wins from penalties and one where Kane scored 5 in a 5-0 win), drawn 1 and lost 1 (2-0 loss to Wolves away, where we had 1 shot at goal.) Would appreciate any ideas on imp
  11. I’ve played FM for many, many years but it’s usually just putting the best players on the pitch and things will work them out (or I’ll give up and start a new game). It’s seemingly getting hard to just plug-and-play, so I wanted some assistance in getting a tactic together for how I want to play. I’m Tottenham, just starting out so this is how I want to play in a 4-3-3. ——— GK: Lloris - sweeper keeper or not, don’t really mind Fullbacks: I want attacking full backs, to get high and wide when we have the ball Centre backs: Comfortable on the ball DM: Hjoberg t
  12. Ability to select more leagues and an editor or more regular updates.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried those suggestions and it seems to have made a bit of a difference, but still struggling for consistency. Wondering if the AM could drop back as a CM - Advanced Playmaker.
  14. Hi there, This is something I’ve struggled with on repeated saves, so there’s obviously something wrong with how I set my team up. I create 15-20 chances, dominate possession and keep clean sheets...but just cannot score goals, and average ratings of my attacking 4 are shocking. I’m currently Anderlecht, with one of the best teams in the league. And though we are doing ok in terms of wins and points, it’s frustrating not to dominate more (and usually my goals come from set pieces or the CM.) Then you get a game like the one I’m posting screenshots from - where I have 20 shots to 5 an
  15. Thanks mate. Sorry to have ruined your day with the question!
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