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  1. Is it possible to add these tactical switch position and movement orders in the touch version. e.g. The lines in the tactical screen
  2. Are you asking players or your team as a whole to take long shots despite their lack of skills in shooting perhaps?
  3. Same season just won the playoffs with Forest also beat Derby home and away (away 5–1). were not good enough for the premiership tho gonna be tough
  4. Switched to the 4-2-3-1 formation doing better. Problem is I have zero funds for Forest so midtable mediocrity so far
  5. Can anyone give me briefs tips and tricks to help. Started as Forest in the championship was doing well including beating Birmingham 6-1. But it seems like I always start to lose every game during the season and really struggle. using 4-1-4-1 DM thanks
  6. Just discovered the extra options button lol.
  7. How do I fire and hire new staff members thanks
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