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  1. Hi all, Im off on holiday this afternoon, and have just downloaded FMT onto my iPad. I fancy something different for one last game before FM2020. What clubs can people recommend?
  2. I have been giving the opportunity by work to get one of these, i think they both will absolutly fly for FM? https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/buy-mac/macbook-air/space-grey-1.6ghz-dual-core-processor-with-turbo-boost-up-to-3.6ghz-128gb# https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/buy-mac/macbook/space-grey-1.2ghz# However i have been a windows man for ages..... is there anything you recommend?
  3. Thanks BennyTee, Im trying to persuade work, that i need a new laptop.... so fingers crossed can make that work!
  4. HELP I'm really undecided on FM2019 due to my Macbook FM2018 ran really slowly on my old Macbook, and even if just running one country was really slow. Is there any upgrades/cards i can do to my macbook to help the performance? Thanks
  5. Morning all, If a player is rated as 2* and a player is rated at 5* yet they both have an average rating of 7.5, will they both be performing to a similar level? Or will one be doing more as they are rated higher and expected to play better? Reason i ask, is i have a 2* CM and a 5* CM with similar ratings, but i don't know if i buy another 4 or 5 * CM will it make me improve? Both are DLP's
  6. Hi All, Is there any plans for a Bristol City Thread? I would give it a go, but have no idea where to begin!!!
  7. Hi All, Ive purchased the game, have my code, but i cant find where to download the game? been on steam and looked for the game, found it, but its saying i have to pay again?? and have found no where to put my code in? Thanks
  8. Hi All, Fallen a bit out of love with FM13... and keep trying to start different games but nothing is inspiring... tried a few things... Taken Bristol City to champions league glory... similar with Dortmund... Anyone got any joy with a game that they have loved and not been able to put down? Cheers
  9. Hi Guys, new to 13... just wondering who's the best side to start with to help get to grips with the game? before i try and conquer europe and the world with a lower league team!!! thanks in advance!
  10. I have both of these players... start of 3rd season... any tips on how they can work together? tactics etc? thanks
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