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  1. IMHO a solution with all the 12 team from Nations League A, and the best 4 teams from Nations League B qualified for the Gold Cup should be more realistic, since Concacaf has already stated that future editions will be with 16 teams. Not sure if this will be the real final solution (there can be a play-off maybe for the last 4 places), but a Gold Cup with 12 teams will be unrealistic for sure.
  2. I finally found myself the solution, with the settings shown below in each one of the top continental leagues. Furthermore under the stage 0 (group stage) of the World Cup, in the "teams" tab I simply setted "get qualified teams for comp". I was wrong when I said that qualification for multiple competitions was not allowed, probably in my precedent attemps I did wrong something else..
  3. Hi, I'm working on a customed nations league, created from scratch, that works correctly with promotion and relegation too (thanks to krlenjushka because his file was very helpful)). But I have problems to set a correct qualification when I want the top teams of the top league qualify for another competition. In detail, I have four nations league setted on continental basis (in my file ofc-afc and Comnebol-Concacaf are unified, so there are 4 continental zones instead 6). I want the better four teams in the top league of each continental zone can qualify for the World Cup (a 16 teams tourname
  4. I am following my personal "idea" for a Global Nations League can be played with normal or edited leagues, using international fixtures date as IRL, so nomination for national team squad cannot interfere more than real life. The old national team system is entirely replaced. I think the file could be converted to use with fm18 without any change, but it needs to be imported, verified and saved with the fm18 editor (and then a small verification in game is higly recommended). If someone want help with this, when I will finish, I will upload too the fm18 version. The file basically should not ha
  5. For national teams, I deleted the whole system because I though continental competitions are linked with confederation cup, but also with world cup qualification (ofc nations cup is part of the oceania WC qualifiers, and afc too has a part of the continental qualification that is also part of wc qualification). Uefa nations league too is part of the continental qualification for European Championship. In North America, the Gold Cup is linked with the Gold Cup play-offs, the CFU championship for Caribbean nations and the Uncaf cup for the central american nations.
  6. I haven't any kind of problem with the deletion of these competitions, and this is the easiest way I think. With the carefulness to delete also linked competitions (the club world cup in this case).
  7. I forgot an important thing.. if you are deleting the Champions League (in any continent), you must delete the competition Fifa Club World Cup also. Otherwise you will have a crash in the game in December (in the setting date of the Fifa World Club Cup) because the competition can't found the winner of the Champions League you have deleted.
  8. I do not recommend to use my file, because it contains settings for other elements (not only continental competitions) and it should not work without the other files in the pack. However, it is not very difficult to obtain the same result with a new file. You have simply to go under "competitions", in the editor, aplly a filter to search the continental competition you want to delete. Then, select the element you want and click on the delete button. Repeat the same thing with all the continental competitions you want to delete, then save your .fmf file. It shoul work. In the same file you can
  9. Hi MAMRICCA, I am from Italy. Good chance with your next game
  10. Updated with version v3 (the link is in the fourth post of this thread). -I noticed that sometimes there was, in the preliminary rounds of the european and panamerican continetal cups, an overlap with the call for the national team for friendlies (end of august) and nations league (beginning of september). I setted well the dates, but sometimes in the preliminary round there are match postponed because two teams playing in the same stadium have to play the home match in the same round. This caused a slipping of the following dates. Now I anticipated the dates of the preliminary round
  11. Updated link for the donwload: version v2 -fixed a minor issue with the youth and reserve leagues in the Asia-Pacific system where the reserve teams of the iranian clubs (not included in Asia-Pacific system) were included in the groups.
  12. Uploaded final release (v1), link here but also in the first post.
  13. Issue fixed. Asia-pacific league system is now based in Iran. Updated link in the first post with version beta 5.
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