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  1. jmr's just reverted to his usual anti-Gerrard/Liverpool schtick. I'm sure he thinks he's being really funny.
  2. The big takeaway from all this should be the experience for the younger players, the ones taking us forward into 2018, 2020 and 2022. I expect we'll be fielding much the same team as this tournament in 2016, except for Gerrard, and that will be the real test to see if our young players are developing properly. If we put up a good showing in the 2016 Euros, ie Quarter Finals at the very least, we can build on that for subsequent tournaments. But what we do need is to inject some actual attacking ability, make the players responsible for creating thinking creatively around the framework the manager sets out for them. And ffs we've got to take the pressure off. Our team was practically paralysed with nerves in the opening 10 minutes vs Uruguay. How do we eliminate that fear of coming up short when we're not really expected to do that well anyway?
  3. Yeah, remember all those tournaments we won with Mancs and cockneys? Them were the days.
  4. Ha brilliant. All those Liverpool players keeping out all those other high quality England players who should have started.
  5. They reckon he'll start, he'll win at least one penalty I think. And by win I mean dive for.
  6. That's because he's playing in his proper position instead of being wasted at the expense of Lord Rooney.
  7. Yas! \o/ I bet Kilbane got to touch her lady parts too the jacksy git. Most of the Colombian women are all fake boobies and asses.
  8. None of these really count as cliches though, do they? Mentioning a team's history at the WC isn't the worst thing to talk about.
  9. Let's be positive and praise RvP for his magnificence on the stroke of half time.
  10. Abysmal defending there, Ramos again I think. Dutch should have 8 by now.
  11. ****ing brilliant from robben. That pace in that atmosphere, then the composure. World class.
  12. It was a terrible back pass to be fair, but Iker was just not switched on for it to begin with. But that touch, my god.
  13. Spain all over the place at the back. The third goal reminded me a bit of England's disallowed one against Portugal when Sol Campbell? elbowed their keeper.
  14. Neds just gonna kick the **** out of Spain for half an hour now.
  15. I don't blame the defender for Costa's cheating, but even if Costa hadn't gone down, the defenders sold himself massively anyway. Its bad defending at WC level, and I bet you his manager would tell him not to do it again. RvP so close there. Robben on fire now.
  16. I agree with that too as I said earlier. So we agree with each other.
  17. Come on ffs. There's a time to put a tackle in and a time to stay on your feet and just block the player.
  18. I agree on the point of cheating if that's what it was (I'd still like to see it from a better angle) but if the defender stays on his feet, that situation never occurs in the first place. Why give your opponent the chance to con the ref?
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