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  1. Think it's James for me, but both amazing goals.
  2. I prefer the one on the left, if I had to choose. But if it were up to me they could be the bread in a benjaminpeter sandwich.
  3. Uruguay are the one's who've suffered the most with this, and they're only going to compound it by making stupid statements and frivolous appeals. They miss their best player for the rest of the WC and whatever qualifying games they have to play next. Liverpool suffer secondarily because, obviously he's our player. But there's no suggestion Liverpool are being punished, and frankly I don't see it as the club's fault or responsibility. Suarez has had a pretty good season from a disciplinary aspect, and I think the annoying thing is that we all thought he was past this kind of behaviour. It seems he isn't so I'm more annoyed with him than anyone else. Other crackpot Liverpool fans might think it's some kind of conspiracy but they're just as much an embarrassment as Suarez. The games he'll miss for Liverpool are punishment enough given that he was on international duty when it happened. I think the club will put down some kind of disciplinary action too. I'd also like to make my usual point in these situations which is the howling masses wouldn't be anywhere near as vocal on this if was a player who belonged to their club.
  4. Isn't the English girl on the left a model of some kind? I'm sure I've seen her before.
  5. Can we call this 'Yonko's rule' and invoke it in any thread at any time?
  6. Should jmr be banned from starting any more threads? But yeah, Suarez is mental, obv.
  7. Who is this lunatic? Turning up calling us paedos because he can't tell the diff between an adult woman and a bloody 12 year old?
  8. Thanks for that Although time difference means I probably won't get to watch the later games. They're the best ones too!
  9. Haven't seen half as many games as I wanted to, so got loads left in me! Fortunately the 3am (11pm UK) games have finished so I should be able to catch quite a few more. Some really good group games left to go. The thing that brings me down in World Cups is going from 2/3 games every day to one a day in the second round, then one every other day etc. This is what coming of class A drugs must feel like!
  10. I'm sure there are, but they've all been around long enough to be completely unsurprised about England's inevitable failure. The point is it's so massively overhyped. And the funniest thing about this ABE thread is that some of you believe that just because the media are (pretending) to flail around like a bunch of rabid monkey that the English public will be doing the same, and you are somehow rubbing this all in. It makes no difference.
  11. If you actually think the media give a flying **** about the England national team you are incorrect. All they care about is selling papers, which means coming up with as much sensationalist ***** as possible. The writers aren't sat at their desk crying into their irish coffees or raging at Roy Hodgson because we've been eliminated in the group stages. They're rubbing their hands together because they've got stuff to write about. If you wanna buy into that then that's your look out.
  12. Russian goal please so Belgium have to make some actual effort at scoring.
  13. It has to be Hodgson. We need as much continuity as possible going into the next 2 tournaments.
  14. I agree on both the knockers and booty principals, however just because some tart has got either one of those on display it's not going to turn me into a dribbling idiot. Unless it's Kelly Brook.
  15. I know, although I have seen a pair of tits before. Nice as they are, it's nothing new.
  16. Amazing how she managed to time her duck face so perfectly.
  17. http://www.tickld.com/x/for-any-confused-world-cup-fans-this-is-absolutely-genius Needed somewhere to post this, this thread seems the most apt.
  18. Do any of you actually seriously really think having Huddlestone, Carrick or any of the others mentioned there would have caused us to beat Italy and Uruguay? The point is that the collection of players in the squad WILL be there again in four years time, they need that experience not necessarily of losing, but of preparing for and playing tournament football at the highest level. And no matter what anyone says, England haven't been humiliated. We lost 2 games to two pretty decent sides, and it's not like we're the only ones. World Cup holders and European champions Spain have also been eliminated after losing to Chile. The mighty Italy with hipster's favorite Pirlo even lost to Costa Rica. A lot of people need to grow up and realise that building a successful side is not an easy process.
  19. and sexist, but that's perfectly acceptable on the special World Cup Forum.
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