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  1. They'll still have their club job as well as the international position.
  2. Anyone have an idea?
  3. I've been wondering if there's any evidence to suggest that having a player on an active shortlist (or indeed any shortlist) has any effect on how likely AI teams are to bid on that player? Basically, do AI teams have any knowledge about whether you're scouting/looking at players? Thanks.
  4. Presumably it's his son, currently backup for Shamrock Rovers IRL:,_Jr.
  5. Juan Roman Riquelme, 6 months left on his contract. Should I pick him up for my Milan team? (I'm still in season 1)
  6. Should this not be in the Good Player & Tea...oh wait, I get it now.
  7. Thought they were supposed to be FREDS?
  8. Klasa. 101010
  9. Fully endorsed.
  10. As I've mentioned before, I would like to see an estimated cost of each shown with the news item.
  11. Doubt Madrid are too happy having a president whose name is Catalan?
  12. Yes. I assume the Dundalk price is on account of the Sean Connor factor.
  13. Category A games are Rovers, Pats, Dundalk, Cork, Derry.